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2018-2019 CSA Men’s End-of-Season Individual Rankings

The College Squash Association (CSA) has released the men’s individual rankings for the end of the 2018-2019 season.

According to the CSA ranking policies, the results from the 2019 CSA Individual National Championships determine the end-of-season individual rankings. To ensure integrity in the rankings, only the top 32 finishers at Individual Nationals are ranked, unless a waiver for an injury is granted.

For full results and video from the 2019 CSA Individual National Championships, please visit the Tournament Home.

The CSA Men’s and Women’s All-America selections will be formally announced later this week.

Student-athletes are listed in ranking order with their school in parentheses:

1. Victor Crouin (Harvard University)
2. Mohamed El-Gawarhy (St. Lawrence University)
3. Andrew Douglas (University of Pennsylvania)
4. Spencer Lovejoy (Yale University)
5. Ashley Davies (University of Rochester)
6. Velavan Senthilkumar (Columbia University)
7. Kush Kumar (Trinity College)
8. Timmy Brownell (Harvard University)
9. Marwan Tarek (Harvard University)
10. Aly Abou El Einen (Pennsylvania, University of)
11. Mahmoud Abdel-Maksoud (George Washington University)
12. Mohammed Al-Terki (George Washington University)
13. James Wyatt (Columbia University)
14. Thoboki Mohohlo (Trinity College)
15. Matias Knudsen (Drexel University)
16. Samuel Scherl (Harvard University)
17. Matthew Giegerich (Dartmouth College)
18. Adhitya Raghavan (Princeton University)
19. Bransten Ming (Drexel University)
20. Enzo Corigliano (St. Lawrence University)
21. David Yacobucci (University of Pennsylvania)
22. Harrison Gill (Yale University)
23. Matthew Toth (University of Rochester)
24. Charles Culhane (Cornell University)
25. Ricardo Lopez (University of Rochester)
26. Nadav Raziel (Yale University)
27. Andrew Muran (Cornell University)
28. Jonathan Lentz (Naval Academy)
29. Patrick McElroy (University of Virginia)
30. Sanjay Jeeva (Franklin and Marshall College)
31. Dylan Kachur (Drexel University)
32. Julian Gosset (Harvard University)