College squash has transformed over the last 100 years. Starting with the first-ever recorded intercollegiate match on Feb. 18, 1923, CSA’s 66 varsity teams now compete in 500+ dual team matches each season with future World champions in their ranks.

We must continue to grow . With the junior game outpacing varsity opportunities on campus and athletic departments looking hard at their budgets, we must:

Expand our footprint to increase squash on campus and help us close the gap,

Secure NCAA status (requiring 40 women’s and 50 men’s teams), and

Transform our sport’s image to reflect its dynamism and the unparalleled opportunities it provides our student-athletes.

We are hosting CSA@100 Patron events during our Team Championship weekends in Philadelphia, PA, where we will gather to discuss CSA's efforts to expand our sport and cultivate a community committed to securing the next century of college squash. Join us!


  • Divisional & Club Team Championships
    Feb. 16-18, 2024, Philadelphia, PA
    CSA@100 Patron Event: Feb. 16, 5:30 – 7:00 PM
    Ticketed championship weekend & cocktail party/meet & greet with CSA parents, alumni, and supporters
  • National Team Championships
    Feb. 29 – Mar. 3, 2024, Philadelphia, PA
    CSA@100 Patron Event: March 1, 5:00 – 6:30 PM
    Ticketed championship & cocktail party/meet & greet with CSA parents, alumni, and supporters


  • Varsity Letter Holder – $100 1 weekend pass to either CSA Team Championship Tournament & CSA@100 Patron Event*
  • All American – $500 2 weekend passes to either CSA Team Championship Tournament & CSA@100 Patron Event*; 2 CSA branded hats.
  • MVP – $1,000 All-American Patron benefits & “100 Years of College Squash: A Century of Champions,” a 350-page hardcover book on the history of college squash in the U.S.
  • National Champion – $2,500 MVP Patron benefits & 2 CSA quarter-zips

*CSA Team Championship Tournaments are ticketed events ($10 per day or $25 for the weekend) for all non-patrons. Children and students are free. All CSA@100 Patrons will have free weekend-long entry for both tournaments as well as access to the CSA@100 patron events on February 16 and March 1.

Thank you to our CSA@100 donors for your generous contributions and ongoing support. Your commitment is crucial in helping us achieve our goals and in securing a bright future for college squash.

*All names shared are current as of 2.22.24. If you see an error, please contact us at admin@csasquash.com so we can correct it.


40/40 by 2030 Leadership Donors
Kristen Callahan
Christine M. Glastonbury and H. Michael Feldman
Margaret & Amias Gerety
Tracey and Shanin Specter

National Champion
Will Carlin
Chaudhary Family
Richard Chin
Christine M. Glastonbury and H. Michael Feldman
Margaret & Amias Gerety
Zerline Goodman
Sarah Hartley
Laikind Family Foundation
John Nimick
Walter H. Oehrlein
Patti Fast
Racquet & Tennis Club

Morris Clothier
Mittie and Bill Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Foley
Malcolm Miller
Mr. Neeraj and Dr. Renu Mital
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel A. Taylor
Simone Winston

All American
Tara and Terry Barr
Jamea & Rick Campbell
Sunil Desai
Marco Caffuzzi and Nicole Gagnon
Edgardo Gonzalez
William and Alyssa Kay
Gingy and Bill Lennon
Emily and Justin Lungstrum
The Mollenkopf Family
Kate and Ty Nelson
Robert & Suzanne Osborne
Bradley Roberts
Linda Robinson
Laura Trevelyan and James Goldston


Varsity Letter Holder
Richard Burke
Julia Burke
Warren Claytor
Peter and Sarah Clifford
Christopher & Kirsten Comai
Michele Cubic
Maria A. Danzilo and Richard Lehv
Bob Falk
Jasmine Ferrer
Gerstein Family
Nik Gilevskiy
Francis Hajek
Kara Hale
Hiba ELHassan
Peter Heffernan
Bruce A. Huberman
Vance Hull
Alison Illick
John and Jennifer Klein
Debbie and Stephen Lee
Mark Lewis
Maria Lin
Malcolm & Colleen Love
Christina and Jamie Minnis
Elizabeth Evert & Andy Orr
John and Beth O’Shea
Paula and Palmer Page
Liz and Philip Pearson
John Piller
Holly Price
Phil Price
Gail Ramsay
Dave Reiss
Margaret H Robbins
Tom Rorke
Tania Rorke
Don Rosini
Mia Rosini
Victoria Rosini
Jot Sandhu
Tricia & Dave Schuster
Sat Seshadri
Mark Sheehan
Chris Smith
Chris Spahr
Kevin Sprecher and Debbie Doniger
Mohan and Kim Suntha
Craig Thorpe-Clark
Douglas Trauber
Priya Trauber
Raymond Velazquez
Eddie Wen
Adrienne & Lee Westerfield
Wistar Wood
Alison Zetterquist