40/40 by 2030

40/40 by 2030 is a capacity-building fundraising program to rapidly expand the number of varsity squash teams to 40 women’s and 40 men’s programs by 2030. It involves strategic advocacy, a grant program, and ongoing program support:

  • Strategic outreach to target schools, leveraging key CSA stakeholders and advisory a group of former Athletic Directors and legendary CSA coaches.
  • Multi-year funding to help meet budgetary needs, with staggered grants deployed over a 3-year time period.
  • First-year playbook to guide coach & player recruitment, parent outreach & engagement, and in-season program execution.
  • Program development outreach to ensure each program’s long-term growth and stability, including guidance on alumni development, elite player cultivation, and logistical and infrastructure best practices.
Our goal is to secure $3M+ to help us offer a 3-year grant program to target schools. Individuals or teams of individuals who commit to donate $100,000+ to CSA and 40/40 by 2030 over the next 3 years will be memorialized as “Centennial Patrons.”