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2018-2019 CSA Women’s End-of-Season Individual Rankings

The College Squash Association (CSA) has announced the women’s individual rankings for the end of the 2018-2019 season.

According to the CSA ranking policies, the results from the 2019 CSA Individual National Championships determine the end-of-season individual rankings. To ensure integrity in the rankings, only the top 32 finishers at Individual Nationals are ranked, unless a waiver for an injury is granted.

For full results and video from the 2019 CSA Individual National Championships, please visit the Tournament Home.

The CSA Men’s and Women’s All-America selections will be formally announced later this week.

Student-athletes are listed in ranking order with their school in parentheses:

1. Georgina Kennedy (Harvard University)
2. Sivasangari Subramaniam (Cornell University)
3. Sabrina Sobhy (Harvard University)
4. Reeham Sedky (University of Pennsylvania)
5. Sarahi Lopez Dominguez (Trinity College)
6. Amelia Henley (Harvard University)
7. Min Jie Teh (Trinity College)
8. Kayley Leonard (Harvard University)
9. Lucy Beecroft (Yale University)
10. Elena Wagenmans (Stanford University)
11. Salma Alam Eldin (Trinity College)
12. Zoe Foo Yuk Han (George Washington University)
13. Madlen O’Connor (Columbia University)
14. Hiu Lam Lui (Princeton University)
15. Habiba Mohamed (Columbia University)
16. Helen Teegan (Yale University)
17. Eleonore Evans (Harvard University)
18. Akanksha Salunkhe (Trinity College)
19. Vanessa Raj (Trinity College)
20. Jennifer Haley (Trinity College)
21. Emma Jinks (University of Virginia)
22. Mihiliya Kalahe Arachchige (Mount Holyoke College)
23. Elle Ruggiero (Princeton University)
24. Sophie Mehta (Harvard University)
25. Hannah Blatt (Drexel University)
26. Anna Hughes (Drexel University)
27. Nicole Kendall (Columbia University)
28. Luca Polgar (Bates College)
29. Nadiia Usenko (Trinity College)
30. Emme Leonard (Princeton University)
31. Aishwarya Battacharya (Yale University)
32. Jui Kalgutkar (Columbia University)