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2016 Men’s National Team Championships: H Division Final

New Haven, CT — Duke University defeated Vanderbilt University to win the 2016 H Division final.

The Commodores got on the board in the first round with a win at  number 9, while Duke had wins at number 6 and number 3. The number 6 match was quite close, going to tie-breakers in multiple games. The match went 12-10 to Duke in the fourth, giving the Blue Devils a 2-1 lead — and momentum.

The second round was all Duke: the Blue Devils were in control as they swept the matches at numbers 2, 5, and 8 in three games each. Those wins were enough to clinch the title early.

Vanderbilt fought on, taking the number 4 match to five games. There was no stopping the Blue Devils, though. The final score was Duke 8, Vanderbilt 1.

This is Duke’s first division title at the Men’s National Team Championships.