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CSA Presents 2023-2024 All-American Selections

For the 2023-2024 season, players from 11 different College Squash Association (CSA) member institutions make up the men’s and women’s All-American teams. Yale University  led the way in overall selections with seven players – four men and three women. Not far behind, Princeton University and Trinity College each had six of their own selections between the men and women.

The players earning All-American status have excelled on court throughout both the regular season and the championships. To view the CSA criteria for All-American status, please view it here.

Men’ All-Americans

First Team All-American
Veer Chotrani (Cornell University)
David Costales (Harvard University)
Karim Elbarbary (Princeton University)
Omar Hafez (University of Pennsylvania)
Salman Khalil (University of Pennsylvania)
Hollis Robertson (Princeton University)
Thomas Rosini (Princeton University)
Mohamed Sharaf (Trinity College)
Nicholas Spizzirri (University of Pennsylvania)
Siow Yee Xian (Yale University)

Second Team All-American
Nicholas Serna (Drexel University)
Joachim Chuah (Trinity College)
Aly Eltokhy (Trinity College)
Taha Dinana (University of Virginia)
Inwoo Lee (Colby College)
Arav Bhagwati (Yale University)
Syan Singh (Cornell University)
Abdelrahman Nassar (Trinity College)
Tad Carney (Yale University)
Max Forster (Yale University)

Women’s Team All-American

First Team All-American
Meagan Best (University of Virginia)
Simmi Chan (Columbia University)
Madison Ho (Stanford University)
Wen Li Lai (Cornell University)
Si Ma (Stanford University)
Saran Nghiem (Harvard University)
Margot Prow (Drexel University)
Elisabeth Ross (Yale University)
Jana Safy (Trinity College)
Marina Stefanoni (Harvard University)
Zeina Zein (Princeton University)

Second Team All-American
Sohaila Ismail (University of Pennsylvania)
Aishwarya Khubchandani (Cornell University)
Lujan Palacios (Trinity College)
Sneha Sivakumar (Yale University)
Lucie Stefanoni (Harvard University)
Lina Tammam (University of Virginia)
Liyen Teoh (Princeton University)
Emma Trauber (Princeton University)
Karina Tyma (Drexel University)
Gigi Yeung (Yale University)