Minnesota: 2015 – 2016 Women’s College Squash Season Preview


Minnesota, University ofMinneapolis, MN — After dwelling in the 30s and 40s in the rankings over their four year history, Minnesota wants to conclude the 2015 – 2016 season with a ranking in the top-40. Contributing to the Gophers’ ranking woes last season was not competing with a full roster. According to assistant coach Johns Stevers, last season “we played short-handed with 7 or 8 players in a match. This year we will be at full strength.” The squad has hired a new head coach, Arturo Manzur, which should help the team improve. The Gophers volunteer with Beyond Walls, an urban squash program in Minnesota. The squad is looking forward to matches with Midwest rivals Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Washington in St. Louis. The team will also travel to Colgate in the fall for a round robin event. If the Gophers intend to move up in the rankings, playing new opponents will be crucial.

2014-2015 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 1-9

Final Ranking: 43

Team Championships: 4th in the F Division

By the Numbers (From US Squash): 5-4 Matches Won: 0 of 0… Top 3 Win %: 0.1667… Middle 3 Win %: 0.4… Lower 3 Win %: 0.3571


Program Status: Club

Returning Players from Team Championships: 3. Courtney Pietras; 4. Meghan Chau; 5. Molly Price; 6. Lena Zagar; 8. Jessica Axt; 9. Abhinaya Geetha; 10. Alexi Glenn

Graduated/Non-Returning Players from 2014-2015 Team Championships: 1. Klothilda Lim; 2. Paige Carlson; 7. Angela Wong; 11. Sydney Smutzler

Additions to the 2015-2016 Roster:

  • Expected to play in the middle 3: Jessica Kiltzke
  • Expected to play in the bottom 3: Lindsay Warner
  • Other addition: Alexandra Chithh

Captain: Courtney Pietras

Team Goals: To return to the a top 40 ranking position

Key Matches: Notre Dame, Northwestern and Washington in St. Louis

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