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Dunlop Men’s College Squash Individual Rankings (2/25/2015)

[rankingimage]Northampton, MA — This weekend, the 2014 – 2015 Men’s College Squash Association Individual Championships will be played at Princeton University.

The event will feature the Pool Trophy (A Division, top 32) and the Molloy Cup (B Division, 33 – 80). Below are the individual rankings that will be used for the tournament. For the MCSA, each varsity team is guaranteed one entry into the tournament, with the remaining positions based on individual rankings.

Please note that individual rankings are extremely complex and labor intensive to compile.  For this reason, only players entering the tournament have been ranked.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Ahmed Abdel Khalek (Bates College)
  2. Ramit Tandon (Columbia University)
  3. Osama Khalifa (Columbia University)
  4. Aditiya Jagtap (Cornell University)
  5. Ryosei Kobayashi (University of Rochester)
  6. Mario Yanez (University of Rochester)
  7. Marwan Mahmoud (University of Pennsylvania)
  8. Samuel Kang (Princeton University)
  9. Tyler Osborne (Princeton University)
  10. Edgar Zayas (St. Lawrence University)
  11. Vrishab Kotian (Trinity College)
  12. Neil Cordell (University of Rochester)
  13. Ahmed Hatata (Bates College)
  14. Miled Zarazua (Trinity College)
  15. Sam Fenwick (Yale University)
  16. Rick Penders (Trinity College)
  17. Ahmed Bayoumy (St. Lawrence University)
  18. Juan Vargas (Trinity College)
  19. Cole Osborne (Franklin and Marshall College)
  20. Thomas Dembinski (Yale University)
  21. Karan Malik (Trinity College)
  22. Rishi Tandon (Columbia University)
  23. David Ryan (Harvard University)
  24. Tomotaka Endo (University of Rochester)
  25. Derek Hsue (University of Pennsylvania)
  26. James Van Staveren (Western Ontario)
  27. Mason Ripka (George Washington University)
  28. Luke Willemse (Drexel University)
  29. Moustafa Hamada (Trinity College)
  30. Atticus Kelly (Drexel University)
  31. Bryan Koh (Harvard University)
  32. Ibrahim Khan (St. Lawrence University)
  33. Hayes Murphy (University of Pennsylvania)
  34. William Mohr (University of Rochester)
  35. Andrew McGuinness (Naval Academy)
  36. Anderson Good (St. Lawrence University)
  37. Michelangelo Bertocchi (University of Rochester)
  38. Thomas Kingshott (Yale University)
  39. Hussien Elrayes (St. Lawrence University)
  40. Dylan Cunningham (Franklin and Marshall College)
  41. Pedro Almeida (Franklin and Marshall College)
  42. Oisin Logan (George Washington University)
  43. Anders Larson (University of Pennsylvania)
  44. James Watson (University of Pennsylvania)
  45. Affeeq Ismail (Trinity College)
  46. Josh Hughes (Naval Academy)
  47. Andres de Frutos (George Washington University)
  48. Joseph Roberts (Yale University)
  49. Duncan Maxwell (St. Lawrence University)
  50. Ibrahim Bakir (Drexel University)
  51. Omar Allaudin (Trinity College)
  52. Lockie Munro (St. Lawrence University)
  53. Matt Roberts (Harvard University)
  54. Noah Browne (Amherst College)
  55. Pierson Broadwater (Yale University)
  56. Jamie Ruggiero (Williams College)
  57. Michael Thompson (Drexel University)
  58. Kevin Chen (Williams College)
  59. Kyle Martino (Dartmouth College)
  60. Graham Dietz (Cornell University)
  61. Darrius Campbell (Bates College)
  62. Michael LeBlanc (Princeton University)
  63. James Kacergis (Naval Academy)
  64. Abhimanyu Shah (Princeton University)
  65. Sam Ezratty (Princeton University)
  66. Mason Blake (University of Virginia)
  67. William McBrian (Colby College)
  68. Andrew Jung (Middlebury College)
  69. Wei Sien Goh (Minnesota, University of)
  70. Raheem Logan (Wesleyan University)
  71. Nicolas Talbott (Brown University)
  72. William MacFarlane (Stanford University)
  73. Sherief Shahin (Denison University)
  74. Nicholas Struzenski (Dickinson College)
  75. Nathan Vestrich-Shade (Haverford College)
  76. Terrance Rose (Hobart College)
  77. Nikhil Punwaney (MIT)
  78. Faizan Rahim (Siena College)
  79. Vincent Mencotti (Vassar College)
  80. Kincade Webster (Fordham University)

Wait List:

  1. August Frank (University of Pennsylvania)
  2. Ben Leizman (Princeton University)
  3. Wyatt French (Middlebury College)
  4. Kai Graham (Williams College)
  5. Arjun Kocchar (Yale)
  6. Nicolas Valderrama (George Washington University)
  7. Andrew Cadienhead (Middlebury College)
  8. John Shuck (Williams College)
  9. Rahul Fazelbhoy (University of Pennsylvania)
  10. Galen Squiers (Williams College)
  11. Cameron Bahadori (Amherst College)
  12. Alex Kamisher (Wesleyan University)
  13. Stewart Staunton (University of Virginia)
  14. Matthew Brown (University of Virginia)
  15. Ned Whelan (University of Virginia)
  16. Christopher Hart (Wesleyan University)
  17. Daniel Sneed (Wesleyan University)
  18. David Sneed (Wesleyan University)
  19. Alex Nalle (Columbia University)
  20. Aaron Horwitz (Haverford College)
  21. Laurenson Ward (Haverford College)
  22. Jack Shannon (Hobart College)
  23. Jonathan Gill (Columbia University)