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Ithaca: 2011 – 2012 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

Ithaca, NY — Entering its third season, Ithaca is looking to break into the top 50 this year. An experienced first-year class should help the Bombers work towards that goal.

The newcomers include John Harriss, who has over ten years of squash experience and is expected to play in the top 3, and Ethan Feller, Tynish Avila, and Asaad Anjum, who are all expected to form a new middle 3. Damian Theodosiou is the final member of the incoming class; he is expected to play in the bottom 3.

The team is coached by volunteer Hap Bradley. “Hap has played squash for a number of years and has taken a deep appreciation for our club’s goals and intentions,” says captain Brad Kolodner, who describes the presence of a coach as “an essential piece” of the program’s growth. “Besides providing insight into how to improve our squash skills, Hap will help provide stability within the program from year to year.”

“Our club is gaining momentum and shows no signs of slowing down,” Kolodner explains. “With an exciting season on the horizon and a solid foundation for the club to build upon for years to come, the future of the program is very bright.”

2010-2011 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 4-9

Final Ranking: 53

Team Championships: 4th in Hawthorn Cup (G Division)


Program Status: Club

Coach: Hap Bradley

Returning Players from Team Championships: (1) Brad Kolodner, (2) Mack Smith, (3) Ty Broderson, (6) Calvin Healy, (7) Leisa Robotham, (8) Natasha Jones-Sikes, (9) Danny Golden

Graduated/Non-returning players from 2010-2011 Team: (4) Ryan Wolfman, (5) Darius Zheng

Additions to the 2011-2012 roster:

  • Expected to play in the top 3: John Harriss
  • Expected to play in the middle 3: Ethan Feller, Tynisha Avila, and Asaad Anjum
  • Expected to play in the bottom 3: Damian Theodosiou

Captain: Brad Kolodner

Team Goals: To build upon momentum gained during first two years as a club, develop a strong team chemistry, and finish the season in the top 50

Key Matches: Bryant, Vassar, and Swarthmore

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