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Week 8 Preview: January 11 to January 17

Match of the Week 

WomenNo. 9 Cornell vs. No. 8 Drexel

The Drexel Dragons will travel to Cornell this weekend for the CSA Women’s Match of the Week. These teams have been competing since 2013. In the early match ups, Cornell dominated Drexel. However, in the last four seasons, Drexel has turned the outcome around. Will Cornell upset Drexel and take back what was once theirs? Or will Drexel remain on top?

MenNo. 10 Dartmouth vs. No. 12 Tufts

This Sunday, Dartmouth will host Tufts in the CSA Men’s Match of the Week. According to the rankings, Tufts is the underdog but on paper these matches are expected to come down to the wire. This is a key match for both teams looking to remain in the top 12.

Order of Play

3-Court System

5-Court System

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