Drexel University: 2021-2022 Season Preview


Drexel University Dragons


  • Both Drexel programs ended the 2020 season in their respective National Championship draws for the first time in school history.
  • The men’s team, in particular, returns almost the entire roster from that successful run and, with their additional four recruits, will be knocking on the door for a Top 4 position if things fall into place.
  • The Drexel women lose a few more players to graduation than the men, but they will be no less motivated to improve upon their 7th-place ranking with five new recruits in the squad.

Head Coach:  John White
Assistant Coach:  Dylan Cunningham

Women’s Team Captains:  Hatti Specter, Karina Tyma
Men’s Team Captains:  Noel Heaton, Filip Krueger

Women’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Karina Tyma (First Team All-American), Alina Bushma (Second Team All-America), Ciara Richards, Brooke Herring, Lara Varma, Katerina Cummings, Rose Lawrence, Hatti Specter, Lara Varma
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Anna Hughes, Hannah Blatt, Ona Prokes, Stephanie Ryan, Emma MacGillivray, Rebecca Low
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Margot Prow, Lydia Robinson, Noa Romero, Dina Rosli, Sanya Vats

Men’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Matias Knudsen (Second Team All-American), Lucas Rousselet (Second Team All-American), Filip Krueger, Dylan Kachur, Matthew Lucente, Noel Heaton, Jose Lopez, Gautam Nagpal, Nicholas Fehn, Shaan Dalal, Nicolo Abou Taleb, Emil Snyman, Matthew Chan, Michael Berry
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Nathan Chan
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Jack Bloomfield, Fritiof Jacobsson, Rohan Korn, Haris Qasim

Teams’ Goal:  Finish top 8 in the country

Women’s Key Matches: Penn, Stanford, Columbia, Virginia,
Men’s Key Matches:  Columbia, Yale, Virginia, Cornell

Coach’s Quote: “We look forward to competing against other great athletes across the CSA and enjoying return to competition.”

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