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Dunlop Men’s College Squash Final Individual Rankings for the 2015 – 2016 Season

[rankingimage]Hatfield, MA — Today, the final [mir] of the 2015 – 2016 season were released.

According the the College Squash Association’s ranking rules, the results from the Individual Championships determine the season-ending individual rankings.

In the coming days, the 2015 – 2016 Men’s College Squash Association All-American teams will be released.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Ahmed Abdel Khalek (Bates College)
  2. Ryosei Kobayashi (University of Rochester)
  3. Rick Penders (Trinity College)
  4. Mario Yanez (University of Rochester)
  5. Amr Khalifa (St. Lawrence University)
  6. Osama Khalifa (Columbia University)
  7. Omar El Atmas (Drexel University)
  8. Moustafa Bayoumy (St. Lawrence University)
  9. Ahmed Bayoumy (St. Lawrence University)
  10. Marwan Mahmoud (University of Pennsylvania)
  11. Rishi Tandon (Columbia University)
  12. Bryan Koh (Harvard University)
  13. Michael Craig (Trinity College)
  14. Ahmed Hatata (Bates College)
  15. TJ Dembinksi (Yale University)
  16. Neil Cordell (University of Rochester)
  17. Kah Wah Cheong (Yale University)
  18. Lenard Puski (St. Lawrence University)
  19. Endo Tomotaka (University of Rochester)
  20. Hayes Murphy (University of Pennsylvania)
  21. Tom Demulder (Trinity College)
  22. Ismail Afeeq (Trinity College)
  23. Gustave Runersjo (Cornell University)
  24. Atticus Kelly (Drexel University)
  25. Sam Fenwick (Yale University)
  26. Harry Freeman (Cornell University)
  27. Cole Osborne (Franklin & Marshall College)
  28. Jamie Ruggeiro (Williams College)
  29. Karim Tarek (University of Pennsylvania)
  30. Bransten Ming (Drexel University)
  31. Sean Kenny (Franklin & Marshall College)
  32. Ibrahim Bakir (Drexel University)
  33. Mahmoud Abdel-Maksoud (George Washington University)
  34. Zac Leman (Yale University)
  35. Noah Browne (Amherst College)
  36. Jack Herold (United States Naval Academy)
  37. Oisan Logan (George Washington University)
  38. Pedro Almeida (Franklin & Marshall College)
  39. Cody Cortes (Princeton University)
  40. Luke Willemse (Drexel University)
  41. Mason Blake (University of Virginia)
  42. Michael Thompson (Drexel University)
  43. George Willis (St. Lawrence University)
  44. Omar Allaudin (Trinity College)
  45. James Watson (University of Pennsylvania)
  46. Ziad Elmandouh (Denison University)
  47. Lockie Munro (St. Lawrence University)
  48. Jarret Odrich (University of Virginia)
  49. Pierson Broadwater (Yale University)
  50. David Cromwell (Middlebury College)
  51. Wyatt French (Middlebury College)
  52. Tim Lasusa (St. Lawrence University)
  53. Lawrence Kuhn (University of Rochester)
  54. Josh Oakley (Hobart College)
  55. Nicholas Valderamma (George Washington University)
  56. Galen Squiers (Williams College)
  57. Derek Hsue (University of Pennsylvania)
  58. Kyle Martino (Dartmouth College)
  59. Darius Campbell (Bates College)
  60. Justin Restivo (MIT)
  61. Jack Blasberg (Brown University)
  62. Arjun Kochar (Yale University)
  63. Nku Patrick (Trinity College)
  64. Graham Dietz (Cornell University)
  65. Anders Larson (University of Pennsylvania)
  66. Senen Ubina (United States Naval Academy)
  67. Yousef Hindy (Stanford University)
  68. John Fitzgerald (Williams College)
  69. Abhimanyu Shah (Princeton University)
  70. Ness Billimoria (St. Lawrence University)
  71. Jonathan Gill (Columbia University)
  72. Tor Christoferrson (Trinity College)
  73. Ian Squiers (Bowdoin College)
  74. CJ Smith (Colby College)
  75. Brian Hamilton (Dickinson College)
  76. Raheem Logan (Wesleyan University)
  77. Nathan Vestrich (Haverford College)
  78. Aidan Porges (Tufts University)
  79. Max McCafferty (New York University)
  80. Andrew Krayacich (Denison University)