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Tita Hicks from St. Lawrence Earns Wetzel Award

Philadelphia, PA – The College Squash Association (CSA) announces that Tita Hicks of St. Lawrence University has been named the 2024 Ann Wetzel Award recipient.

The Ann Wetzel Award is given to a senior women’s player who has shown the greatest level of improvement over their 4-year career. The candidate is evaluated on outstanding growth technically as a player, story of progression from limited experience to key contributor, a sound understanding of the rules of squash, and positive on-court poise and demeanor. 

Hicks joined the St. Lawrence women’s squash team as a freshman with prior experience from City Squash, an SEA program. Her drive and commitment to the sport helped her make significant improvement in her game. Unfortunately, Tita’s freshman year season was cancelled due to COVID, but that did not stop her in her journey to becoming a stronger squash player. Tita worked to earn her spot on the ladder and in the past two years has made the most improvement on her team being voted most improved, twice. She showed her greatest improvement in her last season of play when she reached No. 7 on the ladder.

Head Coach, David Morrish, praises Tita for her accomplishments stating that she “epitomizes what a program is about. She was not strong enough to be on the team when she first came, but did not let that deter her. When I first came, she was at the bottom of the roster, and regularly losing to all those above her. This past season she won challenge matches against two players above her and played as high a #7 on the roster. And she did all of this with a smile”.

Tita’s teammates cannot speak highly enough of her, “in the intense game of squash, Tita’s sportsmanship and class shines through the glass walls on court. She never misses to acknowledge an extraordinary shot by her opponent. A honest handshake at the end of her matches, regardless of the score. You will always hear Tita’s words of encouragement from outside the court. Her enthusiasm never goes unnoticed as it boosts the team morale, a true form of the spirit of teamwork. Her success is also reflected in her views of sportsmanship, as it lies not just in how you win, but in how you play the game” they share.

Hicks is the first ever Wetzel Award winner from St. Lawrence University.

The award is named for Ann Wetzel. The 1964 national champion, Wetzel founded the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s varsity team in 1970. During the more than 20 years she coached at the University of Pennsylvania, Wetzel taught hundreds of women the game of squash. Through her love of the sport and her passion for teaching, she gave many women the opportunity to experience the thrill of intercollegiate squash.

As we celebrate Tita, we also take a moment to honor the memory of Ann Wetzel who recently passed away. Wetzel’s legacy lives on through the countless players she inspired and the programs she helped establish. Her dedication to advancing women’s squash has left an indelible mark on the community.

The CSA congratulates Tita on her success and wishes her the best in her next chapter after graduating from St. Lawrence University.