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2016 Women’s National Team Championships: E Division Final

New Haven, CT — Georgetown University defeated Bucknell University to win the 2016 E Division.

The match was closely contested from the first round on. Georgetown took the early lead, coming out of the first round with wins at number 3 and number 9. Both the number 3 and number 6 match, which went to Bucknell, went to four games, and all three contests saw games go to extra points.

In the second flight, the Bison won in three games at number 2, and the Hoyas answered with a three-game win at number 8. The number 5 match looked like it might be another three-gamer, but Bucknell forced a fourth game with a win in the third. The individual match ultimately went 3-1 to Georgetown. Coming out of the second round, the overall score was Georgetown 4, Bucknell 2.

The Hoyas needed just one match to win; the Bisons had to win them all. Bucknell started to chip away at Georgetown’s lead with a three-game win at number 7. At number 4, the two teams traded games before Georgetown pulled away to win the individual and overall match. The Bisons took the number 1 match in five, but the title was Georgetown’s.

The final score was Georgetown 5, Bucknell 4.

This is Georgetown’s first E Division title and their first division championship since 2011.