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2010 Ketcham Cup National Intercollegiate Doubles Championships and Yale Club Women’s Squash Invitational

New York, NY — Over the next several weeks, there are a number of exciting tournaments that are open to college players.  Below are some details on the upcoming tournaments in the New York area.

The College Squash Association would like to highlight the Yale Club Women’s Squash Invitational, which is scheduled for April 24th and 25th.  The entry deadline is April 12th. Below is courtesy of the Metropolitan Squash Racquets Association MSRA:

Registration for The Yale Club Women’s Squash Invitational is open. This is the first women’s squash tournament to be held at The Yale Club of New York City, and it promises to be a great weekend of squash. The tournament is sanctioned by US Squash and matches will count towards rankings. Match play will begin on Saturday morning and end on Sunday morning with the finals.

The following is a message from Men’s College Squash Association President Bob Callahan:

Dear Men’s Players,

The University Club of NYC is hosting this year’s National Intercollegiate Doubles Championships from Friday, April 23 through Sunday, April 25. Each University is invited to enter a team in the event. It will be a spectacular event as it is running concurrently with the World Professional Doubles Championships at the U. Club.

In addition to the college doubles championship, there will be a great new event- the Pro-College doubles championship in which the top eight doubles pros are paired with the top 8 college players entered for an exhibition event over the same weekend.

Entries close on Thursday, April 15 so please have your players enter immediately by sending their entry to Gary Waite at GWaite@Harrowsports.com. Housing and meals will be provided by the University Club for the nominal fee of $100/night/room ($50/night/person for a double). Players must be ready to play their first round match on Friday afternoon.

Have a great weekend!

The following is a message from Gary Waite:

The University Club of New York
2010 Ketcham Cup National Intercollegiate Doubles Championships
April 23rd-25th, 2010

We are very excited to host this year’s National Intercollegiate Doubles Championships concurrent with the Kellner Cup, a premier bi-annual ISDA event and the biggest professional doubles tournament in New York City. The city will buzzing as the Kellner matches are played at a variety of NYC clubs and typically gets hundreds of spectators. In addition to the college tournament, a select group of players will also be invited to play in a college Pro-Am with 8 of the top ISDA professionals. Needless to say this is an incredible opportunity to experience the highest levels of doubles while getting chance to play the game yourself.

In 2000 The University Club became the host of the CSA Doubles Championship. Since then a number of college players have attended this tournament each year and raved about it. Doubles squash is an ever growing sport among recent college graduates and we hope to foster that growth among undergraduates. There has been great competition and a wonderful setting in midtown Manhattan. The University club and the CSA are very much looking forward to hosting another great event this year.

The players are guests of The University Club while they are here. We encourage all of the players to stay at the club. It adds immensely to their experience. The cost is $100 per room per night. If two players share a room, that is $50 per night—a pretty good deal for one of the finest hotels in the world situated at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 54th Street in the heart of NYC. We provide buffet breakfasts and lunches as well as beverages throughout the play period. In addition, we will host a dinner for the players on Saturday evening in our Tap Room.

We ask that the players wear all white on court. We will launder their gear at the end of each day (so they’ll need up to 3 changes of gear for a day.)

We also expect the players to follow our dress code while in the club. Men wear a coat and tie. Additionally, cell phone use is not allowed in public spaces within the club.

This is a wonderful time for the players to come to the heart of New York and spend 3 days playing squash in the premier squash facility in New York and stay in one of NYC’s top landmark buildings.

Many thanks.

In recent years, there have been few women players interested in playing in the National Intercollegiate Doubles Championships.  If women are interested in a future women’s National Intercollegiate Doubles Championships, please e-mail Gary Waite at GWaite@Harrowsports.com.