Video from the 2009 Ivy League Squash Scrimmages

Last weekend, the eight Ivy League schools gathered at Yale University for the annual Ivy League Scrimmages. Here is a video compilation of the event.

Bates Hosts Trinity and Wins #1 Match (Photos)

Bates player Bobby Burns reports on his team’s match with Trinity College, which was held on November 22nd.

Women’s College Squash Video: Cornell and Yale at the Ivy Scrimmages

At the 2009 Ivy League Squash Scrimmages, Cornell's Jennifer Gemmell and Yale's Logan Greer squared off.

Classic Women’s College Squash Video: 2004 Howe Cup Semi Finals

In this classic women's college squash video, Yale's Amy Gross and Harvard's Lindsey Wilkens square off in the 2004 Howe Cup semi finals.

Rochester Alum Chronicles the College Squash Showdown between Rochester and Princeton...

John Illig is the Middlebury squash coach and a 1986 graduate of the University of Rochester. Photos and video by Mithun Mukherjee, who is a regular contributor to

Men’s College Squash Video: Williams and Trinity Number 1s

Williams College traveled to Hartford to face Trinity College. In the top match men's match, Williams' Ethan Buchsbaum faced Trinity's Baset Chaudhry.

Vanderbilt Women’s College Squash: First Semester Compilation Video

During the first semester of the 2009 - 2010 season, Vanderbilt's women played matches with Columbia, Bates, and Vassar at the StreetSquash facility in New York City.

Women’s College Squash Video: Williams and Trinity Number 1s

Recently, NESCAC announced its Women's All-Conference team. Williams’ Toby Eyre and Trinity’s Nour Baghat were each named to the first team. Here is video from their match in December.

Classic Men’s College Squash Video: 2000 Princeton visits Harvard (Yik and...

In this classic men’s college squash video, Princeton’s Peter Yik and Harvard’s Tim Wyant battle in an Ivy League showdown.