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Moving on to the Howe Cup and Potter Cup Finals – 2024 CSA National Collegiate Championships Day 3 Recap

For the first time in 10 years the College Squash Association (CSA) will crown a new Howe Cup champion. Harvard women’s reign has come to an end after Princeton defeated them this afternoon in the semifinals. In a close 5-4 match, the Tigers secured a spot in the Howe Cup finals against top-seed Trinity. In the regular season, Princeton fell to Trinity 6-3 and with both teams eager to earn the National Title, anything is up for grabs in the 2024 CSA National Collegiate Team Championships.

Earlier this season, the Princeton men defeated Penn resulting in a shared Ivy-League Title. Today, Penn returned the favor upsetting Princeton. With the win, Penn will advance to the finals where they will face top-seed Trinity. Trinity just narrowly clinched a spot in the finals after a close match against Yale. Both Penn and Trinity will rest up this evening after battling through 5-4 matches this morning.

Howe Cup
(1) Trinity def. (5) Yale 8-1
(3) Princeton def. (2) Harvard 5-4

1st Consolation 
(10) Drexel def. (9) Columbia 9-0
(11) Dartmouth def. (12) Tufts 6-3

2nd Consolation 
(4) Penn def. (8) Cornell 8-1
(6) Stanford def. (7) Virginia 6-3

Photo: Michael T. Bello

Potter Cup
(1) Trinity def. (5) Yale 5-4
(3) Penn def. (2) Princeton 5-4

1st Consolation
(7) Cornell def. (9) Dartmouth 7-1
(11) Western def. (12) Tufts 6-3

2nd Consolation
(4) Harvard def. (8) Drexel 5-4
(6) Columbia def. (10) Virginia 5-4

Photo: Michael T. Bello

Follow the draws and join the electric environment! Livestream is available through SquashTV.