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Semifinals Set! 2024 CSA National Collegiate Team Championships – Day 2 Recap

The Specter Center was packed from the first match of the day all the way through the last. The first round of matches hosted all 12 men’s teams filling every court in the center.
Top seed Trinity was tested today by the determined (8)Dragons. In a 4-4 match, Trinity just nearly clinched a spot in the semifinals. The upset of the day came from  (5)Yale who defeated (4)Harvard for the first time since 2016 advancing them to the semifinals. Trinity and Yale will compete tomorrow for a spot in the finals alongside (2)Princeton and (3)Penn.

The action didn’t stop there. In the second round of matches, 12 women’s competed in the Howe Cup. While most matches went according to seeding, (5)Yale took down (4)Penn securing them a place in the semifinals tomorrow. The Bulldogs will face top seed Trinity playing next to (2)Harvard and (3)Princeton.

Potter Cup
(1) Trinity def. (8) Drexel 5-4
(5) Drexel def. (4) Harvard 7-2
(3) Penn def. (6) Columbia 7-1
(2) Princeton def. (10) Virginia 7-2

1st Consolation
(9) Dartmouth def (12) Tufts 5-4
(7) Cornell def. (11) Western 7-2

Photo: Michael T. Bello

Howe Cup
(1) Trinity def. (8) Cornell 8-1
(5) Yale def. (4) Penn 6-3
(3) Princeton def. (6) Stanford 7-2
(2) Harvard def. (7) Virginia

1st Consolation 
(9) Columbia def. (12) Tufts 6-3
(11) Dartmouth def. (10) Drexel 7-2

Photo: Michael T. Bello

Follow the draws and join the electric environment! Livestream is available through SquashTV.