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Week 11 Preview: February 1 to February 7

Match of the Week

Women No. 9 Dartmouth vs. No. 12 Columbia

On Saturday afternoon, Dartmouth will host Columbia for the CSA Women’s Match of the Week. A win for Columbia would provide some confidence after a difficult start to the second half of the season. As we near the end of the regular season, both teams are eager to qualify into the National Team Championships (teams ranked in the top 12). This match, will be a true test of how the rankings could shake out.

MenNo. 3 Trinity vs. No. 2 Princeton

Both Trinity and Princeton men’s teams have seen great success in the season thus far. Not long ago, Trinity upset Harvard pushing them up in the rankings. Just last week, Princeton took down Harvard for the first time since 2013. Moving past tough opponents, both teams remain undefeated this season. The men will head into this match looking to defend their undefeated title. Who will it be?

Order of Play

3-Court System

5-Court System

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