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College Squash Reminder on Team Championships (Weekend 2)

Hatfield, MA — On Tuesday, the e-mail below was sent to coaches and team contacts.

A few updates for the event:

  • Draw Updates/Changes: All draws with courts times are attached (men’s brackets and women’s brackets). These are generally the same as those previously emailed, however, please note court numbers and a 30 minute change in Kurtz Cup match times for Friday and Saturday (from 6pm-5:30pm).
  • Practice Courts: There will be practice courts available from 5:30pm-8:30pm on Thursday evening. Practice courts can not be booked at a specific time, and tournament staff will work with teams on site to make sure everyone receives adequate and balanced time on court.
  • Refereeing: We will have roaming referees on site throughout the weekend. In the semis and finals of the Howe and Potter Cups at a minimum, a 3-referee system will be used. In this system, the CSA referee will act as marker and referee in the middle, while the two players who originally would have been marker/referee will act as side judges. The side judges have two roles: (1) make a No Let/Let/Stroke call (via hand sign) every time a player appeals for a Let, in which case the call is the majority decision between the 3 officials; and (2) if the referee calls a ball not up/down/out or a player believes the ball was not up/down/out and it’s not called by the referee, the players can appeal after the point and if the side judges agree against the referee original decision, the call is overturned.
  • Conduct Penalties: Should there be a conduct violation, in the CSA Championships there are no conduct warnings – the first step is a conduct stroke. Player referees should enforce this rule, but CSA roaming referees will also step in to award conduct strokes should an issue arise that is not called by the player officials.
  • Live Scoring: Live Scoring devices will be used throughout the weekend, and all matches will be able to be tracked online. We encourage you to communicate through your social media outlets as well as alumni and friends groups that all matches can be followed live by logging on to www.clublocker.com. Additionally, streaming of select matches will be available through the Ivy League Network throughout the weekend.