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2016 Women’s College Squash Award Nominations

College Squash AssociationHatfield, MA — Each season, the Women’s College Squash Association presents awards at the National Team Championships. Nominations for the awards are being conducted online.

Below is a summary of each award. A nomination form has been e-mailed to coaches and team contacts.

Award Summaries

Richey Award (Player and Sportswoman of the Year): Candidates are evaluated on the following criteria: on-court poise and demeanor; skill level and ability; team play; contributions to intercollegiate squash; leadership; and cooperation with players, coaches, and tournament officials.

Teams may NOT nominate players from their own college or university. Nominations close on February 1st, and the Award Chair and the Executive Committee then select no more than three candidates for the award. Notification of these candidates and a summary of each nominee’s accomplishments are then posted on the CSA website and emailed to each coach prior to the National Team Championships.

Last season, the Richey Award was presented to Harvard’s Amanda Sobhy.

Wetzel Award (Best Senior Player to Learn Squash in College): To be eligible for this award, candidates may not have played squash prior to their experience at their collegiate institution. The individual who wins must show outstanding growth technically as a player (records and results); a sound understanding of the rules of squash; and positive on-court poise and demeanor.

Players are nominated by their coaches or club team captains by February 1st. The coach or club team captain and the player must submit a certification that the player has not played squash prior to starting college. The players’ nominations will be published on the CSA website prior to the National Team Championships to confirm their eligibility. The Award Chair and Executive Committee review the players’ eligibility and select the winner, usually after observing the candidates’ play.

Last season, the Wetzel Award was presented to Mount Holyoke’s Samantha Rosado.

Chaffee Award (Team Sportsmanship): The Chaffee Award is for the women’s varsity squash team and coach who best represent the ideals around which Clarence Chaffee built his teams. Teams are evaluated on the following criteria: sportsmanship; teamwork; character/friendliness; work ethic; and improvement. Coaches discuss with their team which team they feel is deserving of this award and submit nominations by February 10th.

Last season, Wendy Lawrence and George Washington University were presented with the Chaffee Award.

Most Improved Team Award: The Most Improved Team Award is given annually to the women’s team showing the most improvement from the previous season’s record. Any coach can nominate a team for this award, and coaches can also nominate their own teams. Nominations are due by February 10th.

Last season, Colby was presented with the Most Improved Team Award.

Lifetime Achievement Award and Hall of Fame

For Lifetime Achievement Award and Hall of Fame Nominations, please e-mail the Executive Administrator.

Lifetime Achievement Award: This award recognizes those rare individuals who have contributed throughout their careers to college squash as a whole and who have dedicated a career to the sport. This award is not presented annually, but rather only when it is truly merited. Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award must be submitted by February 1st for consideration for the following season.

Hall of Fame: Induction into the College Squash Hall of Fame is an honor reserved for the top players and coaches at the collegiate level.

  • Players: Hall of Fame awards are given for overall excellence exhibited during an individual’s college career, usually (but not necessarily) including at least one win of the collegiate individual championships. Inductees also usually have a continuing presence in and commitment to squash following their college career. Players must be ten years beyond graduation to be considered.
  • Coaches: Hall of Fame awards are given to coaches who have left a signature imprint on the college game and who usually coached at least ten years. The award is typically given after individuals retire from coaching.
  • Friends of College Squash: Hall of Fame awards are given to individuals who have made a significant impact on the college game as promoters, sponsors, or in other roles.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame must be submitted by February 1st for consideration for the following season.