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Columbia: 2013 – 2014 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

Columbia University New York, NY — Columbia has its sights set on becoming an elite team. They want to qualify for the Potter Cup (A Division) of the 2014 Men’s College Squash Association National Team Championships.  At least a four position move up the rankings will be no small feat, but the Lions have five new players joining a team that only graduated two players. Several of the new players may slide into the vacated position towards the top of the ladder. “We are planning a training trip to the Cayman Islands over the winter break. This trip will give the team a chance to train and bond before the season kicks into full gear,” explains new assistant coach Joanne Schickerling. Sharing a facility with StreetSquash, the urban squash program, it is no wonder that Columbia’s players are heavily involved with the program. Each team member volunteers with the organization, mentoring and playing squash with the kids.

2012-2013 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 8-10

Final Ranking: 12

Team Championships: 4th in the Hoehn Cup


Program Status: Varsity

Head Coach: Jacques Swanepoel

Returning Players from Team Championships: 1. Ramit Tandon (2015 – First Team All-American; All-Ivy League Team); 2. Mohamed Abdel Maksoud (2015); 5. Danial Saleem (2015); 7. Andrew Tan (2014); 8. Alec Goldberg (2014 – Scholar Athlete); 9. Alex Nalle (2015); 10. Theo Buchsbaum (2014); 11. Hyun-Ho Rhee (2015);

Abroad During the Fall Semester: 6. Kyul Rhee (2015);

Graduated/Non-Returning Players from 2012-2013 Team Championships: 3. Tony Zou (2013 – Academic All-Ivy; Scholar Athlete); 4. Graham Miao (2013);

Additions to the 2013-2014 Roster: Jonathan Gill (2017); Joshua Sekhar (2017); Rishi Tandon (2017); Richard Soper (2017); Peter Giraudo (2017); Tarun Nambair (2016)

Captains: Andrew Tan, Alec Goldberg, and Ramit Tandon

Team Goals: Top 8

Key Matches: Cornell and Yale

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