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Washington University in St. Louis: 2012 – 2013 Women’s College Squash Season Preview

St. Louis, MO —  A team from Washington University in St. Louis competed at the Women’s National Team Championships for the first time last year. In their championship debut, the Bears finished fourth in the Emerging Teams Division. This season, the squad is eyeing the nine-player divisions. Three new players will being joining the team and should help the returners make the jump into nine-player competition. The newcomers are Paige Landau, a Lancaster Country Day grad who has been playing since high school; Esther Koh, a beginner player who comes to WashU via Hutcheson’s Grammar School; and  Lindsey Callahan, a Greenwich alumna who also began playing in high school. The team will have two new international courts to train on this year, and they are planning several trips to compete and train outside of Missouri. “We are a newly emerged team, but have a lot of fun,” announces captain Alexa Lichtenstein.

2011-2012 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 1-3

Final Ranking: 42

Team Championships: 4th in the Emerging Teams


Program Status: Emerging Club

Returning Players from Team Championships: 1. Alexa Lichtenstein; 2. Jennifer Fowler; 3. Marie Swarzenski; 4. Rachel Chung

Graduated/Non-Returning Players from 2011-2012 Team Championships: None

Additions to the 2012-2013 Roster: Paige Landau, Esther Koh, and Lindsey Callahan

Captain: Alexa Lichtenstein

Team Goals: To move into the nine-player division at the Women’s National Team Championships

Key Matches: Minnesota and Vanderbilt

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