Dartmouth: 2011 – 2012 Men’s College Squash Season Preview


Hanover, NH — Dartmouth will travel to Ithaca in early February to take on Ivy rival Cornell, a crucial match if the Big Green hope to move into the top 6. As part of their preparation, the team will travel to Mexico in January with the women’s team for a training trip.

All but one player from last season’s top ten is returning, and three new players should make an impact on the roster. One thing the players will be working hard on this year is their fitness. Two-time All-American Chris Hanson competed in several triathlons over the summer, while Robbie Maycock represented Bermuda in the Men’s Team World Championships in Germany.

“It’s a great group of guys who are close together and good friends on and off the court,” says head coach Hansi Wiens of the team.

2010-2011 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 10-6

Final Ranking: 7

Team Championships: 7th in Potter Cup (A Division)


Program Status: Varsity

Head Coach: Hansi Wiens

Returning Players from Team Championships: (1) Chris Hanson (First Team All-American, All-Ivy League Team, Academic All-Ivy League), (2) Nick Sisodia, (3) Chris Jung, (4) Robbie Maycock, (6) Luke Lee (CSA Scholar Athlete), (7) Brian O’Toole, (8) Fletcher Pease, (9) Alex Kurth, (10) Stephen Wetherill

Graduated/Non-returning players from 2010-2011 Team: (5) Michael Lewis (CSA Scholar Athlete), (11) Ted Schroeder, Stephen Preefer, Benjamin Gettinger

Additions to the 2011-2012 roster:

  • Expected to play in the middle three: Mark Funk, Michael Mistras
  • Expected to play in the bottom three: Bayard Kuensell

Team Goals: To qualify for the Potter Cup and to break into top 6 in the country

Key Matches: Cornell and Penn

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