College Squash Alum Julian Illingworth Plays an Exhibition Squash Match with Shahier Razik (Video)


Middletown, CT — The College Squash Association is slowly building up its video vault. It is always fun to have videos of college squash alums, like Julian Illingworth. Last season we featured a few classic college squash videos (Amy Gross and Lindsey Wilkens and Peter Yik and Tim Wyant).

Illingworth, a Yale graduate, has been the top-ranked player in the United States since 2007 and currently holds the #41 spot in the Professional Squash Association’s (PSA) rankings.

The video below was taken last summer at the World Class Squash Camp at Wesleyan University. Illingworth’s opponent, Shahier Razik, is the top-ranked player in Canada. He is currently #24 on the PSA tour.

Later this month (January 21st – 27th), Illingworth and Razik are both scheduled to compete in Tournament of Champions, a PSA event held in New York’s Grand Central Station. Many college squash fans and players will be in attendance.