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Kenyon: 2010 – 2011 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

Gambier, OH — Kenyon has won two division championships in the last two years.  The team that finished 5th in the 2005 Emerging Teams Division won the Serues Cup (F Division) in 2009 and the Chaffee Cup (E Division) in 2010.

The Lords’ 5-4 win over California in the Chaffee Cup finals was one of the most exciting matches at last year’s Men’s National Team Championships, a nail-biter that came down to the final match.

Kenyon has achieved this success despite having little experience on the road. Travel is often financially difficult for club programs, especially for those in regions where there aren’t as many programs. Luckily for the Lords, Kenyon has invested in a new 8-court facility, and the team has been able to host teams like Denison, the University of Western Ontario, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Purdue, and Navy. “We would like very much to host other intercollegiate teams,” says coach and Kenyon alum John Knepper. “The invitation is very open.”

“While we are a relatively new team, from the squash-quiet Midwest, we are trying hard to build a Midwest squash region with the likes of Denison, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue and others,” Knepper adds. Kenyon’s success at championships should help contribute to the growth of squash in the region.

Spencer Carlson and Peter Nolan, who has played #1 since his first year of college, will captain the 2010-2011 Kenyon team. While the team lost three seniors to graduation, two first-year players with competitive playing experience will join the squad. Michael Marting and Preston Heck won’t be the only new faces on the Kenyon roster; sophomores Kevin Ye and Jake Matthews have also joined the team.

“Our team is strong in its depth,” Knepper says. “Our hopes for this season are to hold our place or advance.”

2009-2010 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 7-4
Final Ranking: 33
National Team Championships: 33rd Overall; Chaffee Cup (E Division) winners


Program Status: Club

Coach: John Knepper

Returning Players from Team Championships: Brandon Bollinger (6); Spencer Carlson (3); Eric Milbourn (5); Robert Mueller; Peter Nolan (1), Michael Sharpe; Rohit Sudarshan; Chris Wert (9)

Non-returning Players on Last Season’s Team Championships Roster: Danilo Lobo Dias (8); Matt Sargent (2); Michael Shea (4); Justin Talwar (7)

Additions to the 2010-2011 Roster: Preston Heck, Michael Marting, Jake Matthews, and Kevin Ye

Captains: Peter Nolan and Spencer Carlson

Team Goals: Maintain or improve position in the rankings

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