Johns Hopkins: 2010 – 2011 Women’s College Squash Season Preview


Baltimore, MD — Though they competed in the Emerging Teams Division last year, Johns Hopkins isn’t exactly new to women’s college squash.

Hopkins fielded squads for years and were ranked as high as 16th nationally. At the 1998 Women’s National Team Championships (Howe Cup), they finished 21st; the next year, they didn’t compete. Until last year, the Blue Jays hadn’t been back to Howe Cup.

According to an article about the program in the April/May issue of Squash Magazine, difficulties finding coaches and waning interest did in the Hopkins team in the 1990s. Interest isn’t a problem any more: Hopkins sent a team to the Men’s National Team Championships two years ago, and last year they sent teams to both men’s and women’s team tournaments. Team members have also been involved in volunteering with SquashWise in Baltimore.

All the players from last year’s squad will return, and the team is expecting to grow. Karen Ho, who is returning from study abroad, will play in the middle of the ladder. A first-year player from Singapore with extensive tennis experience is also expected to join the team.

According to Alexandra Guttentag, team captain and a driving force behind the reemergence of Hopkins squash, the team will be looking to compete with other schools in the Baltimore area this year as the Blue Jays’ program continues to grow.

2009-2010 SEASON RECAP

Final Ranking: 40
Team Championships: 40th Over All; Competed in the Emerging Teams


Program Status: Club

Returning Players from Team Championships: Alison Bellows (2); Sera Boerger (4); Liza Brecher (5); Alexandra Guttentag (1)

Graduates on Last Season’s Team Championships Roster: None

Additions to 2010 – 2011 Roster:

  • Expected to compete for a spot near top of the ladder: First-year player with tennis experience
  • Expected to compete for a spot in the middle of the ladder: Karen Ho (returning from study abroad)

Captain: Alexandra Guttentag

Team Goals: Participate in many matches with neighboring schools and get more support from the University

Key Matches: Howe Cup Emerging Teams Division

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