Club Squash Teams

The CSA welcomes any and all new college squash programs and encourages their growth and development. The ultimate goal is for each program to be a self-sufficient college-recognized varsity program that plays a full season of matches including participation in the end of season CSA National Team Championships.

Club Teams:  Club programs may enter the nine-player divisions of the National Club Team Championships if they meet the requirements for selection to the tournament. Club programs must pay the CSA’s annual dues and Team Championship entry fee each season by the specified deadlines.

Matches: To be eligible for the National Team Championships, club programs must play the required minimum number of team matches. For the 2022-2023 season, the minimum numbers are 8 contests against at least 5 different opponents for Men’s or Co-Ed teams, and 6 contests against at least 4 different opponents for Women’s teams. Click here for National Championship Eligibility Policies.

Player Eligibility: Eligibility rules are extremely complex and schools with varsity programs have compliance personnel that review player eligibility cases. In accordance with the CSA’s Eligibility Rules, club and emerging programs may not have graduate players on their competition rosters.

Fee Waivers:  The CSA’s Club Squash Fee Waiver Program aims to provide club squash programs, especially emerging teams, with financial support to aid in their growth into strong and sustainable programs. The fund targets new development with the ultimate goal of creating self-supporting college teams that continually expose the game to new players and markets.

To request a fee waiver from the CSA, please fill out the application below:

Responsibilities: All teams that play intercollegiate matches are expected to follow all of the rules of the CSA as detailed on the website, including, but not limited to:

  • Payment of CSA annual membership dues
  • Identification of a non-student team supervisor
  • The wearing of approved eyewear/goggles on court at all times
  • Evidence of a passing score on the appropriate referee exam