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Week 4 Preview: November 16 to November 22

Week 4: November 16 to November 22

Match of the Week 

Women*No. 5 Penn vs. No. 4 Stanford

Stanford will travel to Philadelphia on Friday to take on Penn at 3:00pm. The Penn women took down Stanford last year in the Kurtz Cup semi-finals and went on to take home the trophy. However, regardless of Stanford women’s #11 finish in February, they have had the biggest jump in rankings from any other school heading into this season. This week, Stanford will look to justify their jump in rankings and defeat Penn on their home courts. That may be a tough feat as the Penn women are fired up from their big upset against Drexel last week and will look to back up their recent move from #8 to #5. 

Men*No. 17 MIT vs. No. 15 Colby

Colby will open their season on the road against MIT on Friday evening. MIT defeated Colby in this match last year 7-2, but with a good recruiting class, Colby jumped above MIT in the rankings. Colby will look to make their trip worthwhile and start the season off strong by bringing home the win while MIT will fight for the upset. 

Order of Play 

3-Court System

5-Court System