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Week 3 Recap: November 9 to November 15

Match of the Week 

No. 6 UVA beats No. 7 Yale 5-4
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No. 25 Navy downs No. 27 Dickinson 6-3
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Close Matches and Upsets

The week was filled with several close matches and a handful of upsets in the rankings. Philadelphia was home to some of those match ups. Just last night, the Princeton and Drexel men battled their way through a 5-4 win. Tied at 4-4 the no. 3 men competed in a 1 hour 21 minute 5 game match where Princeton secured the victory. Across the street from Drexel, the Penn Squash Center hosted the PA State Cup over the weekend where the women’s teams showed up ready to play. The Penn women took away a big win against Drexel, other wise known as the battle of 33rd Street (Squash Way). New York was buzzing with matches. The Rochester men’s opening weekend was one to note – the men took down close opponents MIT and Western at the start of the week and fell to Dartmouth in a tight match the next day. The Columbia men start off their season with a huge win on their home courts against Virginia.

No. 8 Penn beats No. 5 Drexel 6-3
No. 22 Dickinson beats No. 20 Chatham

No. 18 Rochester beats No. 16 MIT 6-3
No. 8 Columbia beats No. 7 UVA 7-2


West Coast Round Robin
This past weekend, Stanford hosted five West Coast teams including USC, UCLA, Cal Berkeley, Arizona State and Stanford. The teams competed in a heavy weekend of successful matches and are already planning to meet again in the new year. 

Charlotte Round RobinMoving down south, Washington and Lee, Duke, Richmond and Vanderbilt met in Charlotte on November 11 for a round robin.