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MASC Earns Full Conference Recognition From CSA

Following the successful execution of another Mid-Atlantic Squash Conference (MASC) Championship event last weekend, the College Squash Association (CSA) is pleased to announce that MASC is now a fully recognized and sanctioned squash conference within the CSA organization.

Originally formed in 2017 with five institutions signed on, MASC has grown to include six men’s teams and six women’s teams during the 2022-2023 season. Anderson Good, MASC Commissioner and former George Washington University head coach, is credited with the design, formation, and leadership of the conference from its inception to the present.

“I am thrilled that MASC has now gained full conference recognition by the CSA,” said Good. “This further cements our place in the collegiate game and we look forward to continuing to grow and enhancing our student-athlete’s college squash experience.”

MASC has formally crowned men’s and women’s conference champions since 2019. Later that year, CSA granted MASC provisional status as a squash conference in order to support and monitor added structure and growth. Since then, the conference has added named divisions and perpetual trophies at the championships, end-of-season conference awards to recognize the efforts of MASC student-athletes and coaches, and an official website and social media platforms for the conference.

“The CSA is very pleased about the growth and formalization of the Mid-Atlantic Squash Conference,” stated CSA Executive Director & League Commissioner David Poolman. “MASC is truly a flagship organization in a growing geographic region for college squash and a welcome destination for teams that do not have a natural conference affiliation. We are excited to support and celebrate the continued progress of the conference into the future.”

MASC joins the Ivy League, Liberty League, and New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) as current conferences which sponsor squash competition and championships.

Current MASC member institutions include: Dickinson College, Drexel University, Franklin & Marshall College, Georgetown University (women only), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (men only), U.S. Naval Academy (men only), Stanford University (women only), and University of Virginia.

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