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Stanford University Women: 2022-2023 Season Preview

Stanford University Cardinal

2022-2023 Season Preview 

  • Stanford’s team has had a lot to deal with since the University reconfirmed its varsity status just over a year ago, and it seems that that status may continue into the beginning of this season.
  • With some key players taking some time away from campus, head coach Mark Talbott will be eager to get the most out of his younger players, including four or five first-year student-athletes.
  • Second Team All-America selection Si Ma remains in the lineup and will be relied upon to set the example at the top of the ladder.

Head Coach: Mark Talbott
Assistant Coach: Nick Talbott

Women’s Team Captains: Lucia Bicknell

Women’s Team Roster
Abigail Alemayeho
Lucia Bicknell
Miriam Cheng
Mary Duffy
Khushi Kukadia
Si Ma
Leah McGillicuddy
Isabella Rolfe
Riya Saran
Cathy Zhou

Women’s Team Goal: Finish high in the B rankings
Women’s Key Matches: Bates, Bowdoin, Tufts, Brown

Quote from Coach: “Continue to improve every day”.