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Cornell University: 2022-2023 Season Preview

Cornell University Big Red

2022-2023 Season Preview 

  • After accomplishing the rare feat of winning both the men’s and women’s B Division titles last year, head coach David Palmer is eager for his squads to make the jump into A Division competition this season.
  • The men’s team will make a strong case for their inclusion with a healthy mix of returning stalwarts and talented incoming players. All-American Veer Chotrain is poised to make the most of his final season at Cornell.
  • The Cornell women have added a few starter-level players through recruiting this year, which will be crucial as defending National Champion Siva Subramaniam recovers from her well-documented accident and races to return to the team this winter. If the women are full strength by the Ivy League season, look for them to push for a Top-8 spot.

Head Coach: David Palmer
Assistant Coach: Mark Burke

Women’s Team Captains: Lily Zelov, Sydney Bednar and Ania LaDow
Men’s Team Captains: Veer Chotrani, Nicholas Goth-Errington, Humza Khan and Brent Stein

Women’s Team Roster
Alysa Ali
Sydney Bednar
Ananya Dabke
Selena Georgieva
Charlotte Gillis
Ashley Hatstadt
Aishwarya Khubchandani
Ania LaDow
Wen Li Lai
Kacey Mollenkopf
Alexis Shatzman
Devon Shatzman
McKenna Stoltz
Sivasangari Subramaniam
Tessa Walden
Lily Zelov

Women’s Team Goal: Top 8
Women’s Key Matches: Penn, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Virginia

Men’s Team Roster
Veer Chotrani
Mukunth Gopalakrishnan
Nicholas Goth Errington
Morgan Huberman
Rohan Iyer
Humza Khan
William Langdon
Aaron Liang
Edward Morneau
Jeh Pandole
Tanay Punjabi
Shreemann Raghavan
Nicholas Robinson
William Sarbinowski
Arnaav Sareen
Brent Stein
Spencer Yager

Men’s Team Goal: Top 8
Men’s Key Matches: Western, Rochester, Penn, Dartmouth, Columbia, Drexel

Quote from Coach: “Honor the commitment, cherish the results”.