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Haverford College: 2021-2022 Season Preview

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  • Both Haverford teams will rely heavily on new players this season with each roster losing five starters over the last two years.
  • Fortunately, each team has seven newcomers joining the squad, several of whom will need to step into critical roles right away.
  • Haverford will be on the road for much of the middle part of their schedule, but they have the benefit of staying home for several matches to end the season before preparing for the championships.

Head Coach:  Niki Clement
Women’s Assistant Coach:  Lauren Johnston
Men’s Assistant Coaches:  Ryan Dukarm, Yash Singh

Women’s Team Captain:  Isabelle Johnson
Men’s Team Captains:  Quinton Crawford, Alden Weinberg

Women’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Isabelle Johnson, Shreya Singh, Maisie Smith, Caroline Smith, Lyvia Yan
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Kaitlin Reese, Tia Brown, Sunyoung Chai, Urgyen Wangmo, Sophie Jackson, Hannah Adler
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Catherine Fortin, Maya Johnson-Fraisin, Zahra Khan, Emi Krishnamurthy, Ariana Solecki, Emilia Zegers, Keaidi Zhang

Men’s Team Roster Updatess
Returning Players:  Quinton Crawford, Keil Reedich, John Collins, Alden Weinberg, Aaron Witkin
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Davis Chase, Tate Miller, Fitz Dougherty, Khalil Walker, Nathan Wang
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Zadoc Bond, Garret Fantini, Peter Lehv, Ali Nurkhairdarov, Edward Pyle, Ben Schiltz, Noah Tunis

Women’s Team Goals:  The Haverford Women’s team sees their team experience in a new light, after missing last season. Being able to train as a team again is something they appreciate more than ever before. The team aims to build upon their current base of fitness, skill level, and consistency, and come together as a team stronger than before.

Men’s Team Goals:  The Haverford Men’s team has been waiting for the chance to get back on court as a team again after a very long wait. They have seen how valuable their strong team culture proved to be, leaning on each other during a challenging year and coming out stronger. The team is focused on skill work and sharpening aspects of their game they were not able to tend to during the limitations of last year. As the season begins the team aims to bring their individual games to a new level through disciplined play and hard work.

Women’s Key Matches: Conn College, Wesleyan, Georgetown, Denison
Men’s Key Matches: Fordham, Conn College, Wesleyan, Denison

Coach’s Quote: “The Haverford Women’s team has been so determined on improvement, even when Covid created big obstacles towards doing so. I have seen the team’s determination to continue to work on all aspects of their game and have returned to campus with clear intentions. I expect to see great improvement on this team as the season continues. They have never failed at doing so.”

“Watching the Haverford Men’s team adapt to the continual challenges that the last school year presented was a humbling experience for me as their coach. Every day I was impressed by the determination, resilience and camaraderie of the team, all of which seemed to grow stronger when disappointments came. It proves to me that they are a group of people who do not let anything stop them and care a great deal about not just themselves, but each other and Haverford Squash. As a coach that is a good feeling going into the season.”

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