CSA Introduces Change to Order of Play at College Matches


Starting this weekend, all intercollegiate squash contests between CSA teams will follow a random order of play for the individual matches. The CSA central office will establish a new randomized order each week, which will be announced every Thursday throughout the season on the CSA website and social media platforms.

Historically, CSA team matches have followed the same prescribed order each week. Using either three-court or five-court playing systems, matches would begin with the lowest ladder positions (i.e. Numbers 9, 6, and 3 in the three-court system or numbers 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 in the five-court system). Now, the order of the matches will be randomly generated and will likely change from week to week.

“We are excited to try this new format this year,” said CSA Executive Director & League Commissioner David Poolman. “A few teams used a random order during last season’s league matches, and it has gained popularity among the coaches. It allows the student-athletes to experience different playing situations within team match-ups, while removing the need for some of the unnecessary gamesmanship in creating lineups.”

The random order will be announced each week during the season on Thursdays. That order of play will stay in effect for every match played during the subsequent seven-day period. Spectators interested in attending matches and watching specific players should take note of the order of play for that week before traveling to a match.

Random order of play will also be applied during the College Squash Team National Championships at the end of the season.

The order of play for the week of October 24 to October 30 is:

  • 3-court system:  1,2,3 / 6,4,5 / 7,8,9
  • 5-court system:  1,2 / 3,4 / 6,5 / 8,7 / 10,9