Player Advisory Committee Members Announced for 2019-2020 Season


The College Squash Association (CSA) has announced the seven student-athletes who will serve as members of the organization’s revamped Player Advisory Committee (PAC) for the 2019-2020 season.

The committee will communicate directly with the CSA Executive Director & League Commissioner, providing a valuable player perspective on CSA’s new initiatives and other issues that face CSA teams. The CSA Board of Directors may also call upon the PAC to offer direct feedback on specific questions stemming from board discussions. After each season, the committee will produce a report containing feedback on the season and recommendations for future consideration.

After originally selecting three student-athletes per graduation year, the CSA increased the committee membership to four players per year this season. The current PAC has three women and four men representing a cross-section of conferences and ranking positions. These student-athletes are asked to provide a voice for the college player community and will be expected to collaborate with their peers, including both teammates and opponents. PAC members serve terms of two academic years, from the fall of their junior year through their college graduation.

The 2019-2020 Player Advisory Committee members are:

Class of 2020

Graham Bonnell, Bates College

Timmy Brownell, Harvard University

Gabby Fraser, William Smith College

Class of 2021

Mohammad Alterki, George Washington University

Molly Carabatsos, Connecticut College

Jack Lentz, U.S. Naval Academy

Emme Leonard, Princeton University