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CSA Establishes Recruiting Timeline

For the first time ever, junior squash players who are interested in being recruited to play varsity squash in college will have a standard start date for recruitment by college coaches – September 1 of their junior year in high school.

In an effort to clarify and simplify the recruiting timeline for prospective squash student-athletes, the College Squash Association (CSA) Board of Directors adopted a proposal that standardizes the first opportunity for recruiting activities for all varsity teams, regardless of their schools’ NCAA Division affiliation.

“This is an exciting development for all college squash constituents,” CSA Executive Director & League Commissioner David Poolman said in response to the adopted proposal. “The community of junior players – potential future CSA student-athletes and their families – now have a clear start date for their formal college search and recruitment. Our coaches, whose schools belong to different NCAA divisions and conferences, can focus on their personal recruiting strategies from the same starting point as their peers.”

The impetus for the proposal came from several factors. The movement to curb early recruiting in intercollegiate athletics has enacted concrete changes in recent years, with college squash looking to match those efforts. As important as the college search and recruitment process is, it is also very complex, causing frustration and confusion for many prospective squash student-athletes and their families. Simplifying the process was a primary goal.

“Finding a start date that was not too early, yet still offers the recruited student-athlete ample time to research all options, create relationships with coaches, and visit campuses, was paramount,” Poolman said.

While the timeline is in effect for all CSA member teams, the CSA Board continues to review the differences between NCAA Division I and Division III rules. Relevant discrepancies will be addressed with an eye towards clarity and consistency for all CSA constituents.

The recruiting timeline (below) went into effect on June 7. For a more detailed outline of the timeline and current rules, please visit this resource on the CSA website. Additional guidance on CSA recruiting and eligibility regulations and messaging will be shared in the coming months.

First Opportunity for Recruiting Activity

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