Dunlop Men’s College Squash Final Individual Rankings for the 2016 – 2017 Season

[rankingimage]Hatfield, MA — Today, the final [mir] of the 2016 – 2017 season were released.

According to the College Squash Association’s ranking rules, the results from the Individual Championships determine the season-ending individual rankings. Unless an injury waiver is granted, only players who competed at Individuals are ranked.

In the coming days, the 2016 – 2017 Men’s College Squash Association All-American teams will be released.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Osama Khalifa (Columbia University)
  2. Mario Yanez (University of Rochester)
  3. Ahmed Bayoumy (St. Lawrence University)
  4. Thoboki Mohohlo (Trinity College)
  5. Mohamed El Gawarhy (St. Lawrence University)
  6. Saadeldin Abouaish (Harvard University)
  7. Ryosei Kobayashi (University of Rochester)
  8. Ahmed Hatata (Bates College)
  9. Michael Craig (Trinity College)
  10. Rick Penders (Trinity College)
  11. Adhitya Raghavan (Princeton University)
  12. Alvin Heumann (Dartmouth College)
  13. Omar El Atmas (Drexel University)
  14. Thomas Dembinski (Yale University)
  15. Rishi Tandon (Columbia University)
  16. Bransten Ming (Drexel University)
  17. Moustafa Bayoumy (St. Lawrence University)
  18. Tomotaka Endo (University of Rochester)
  19. Affeeq Ismail (Trinity College)
  20. Lawrence Kuhn (University of Rochester)
  21. Spencer Lovejoy (Yale University)
  22. Belal Nawar (St. Lawrence University)
  23. Ricardo Lopez (University of Rochester)
  24. Jamie Oakley (George Washington University)
  25. Harry Freeman (Cornell University)
  26. Michael Thompson (Drexel University)
  27. Gabriel Morgan (Princeton University)
  28. Oisin Logan (George Washington University)
  29. Andrew Muran (Cornell University)
  30. Carson Spahr (Dartmouth College)
  31. Omar Allaudin (Trinity College)
  32. Shehab Thabet (Princeton University)
  33. Hayes Murphy (University of Pennsylvania)
  34. Tom De Mulder (Trinity College)
  35. Cody Cortes (Princeton University)
  36. Wyatt French (Middlebury College)
  37. Jack Herold (Naval Academy)
  38. Jamie Ruggiero (Williams College)
  39. Thomas Blecher (Brown University)
  40. Mahmoud Yousry (Bates College)
  41. Matthew Toth (University of Rochester)
  42. Samuel Epley (Dartmouth College)
  43. Owen Davis (Naval Academy)
  44. Arjun Kochhar (Yale University)
  45. James Watson (University of Pennsylvania)
  46. Christopher Hart (Wesleyan University)
  47. David Yacobucci (University of Pennsylvania)
  48. Tripp Kaelin (Yale University)
  49. Brandon De Otaduy (Dartmouth College)
  50. Senen Ubina (Naval Academy)
  51. Atticus Kelly (Drexel University)
  52. Alexi Gosset (Harvard University)
  53. Luke Willemse (Drexel University)
  54. John Fitzgerald (Williams College)
  55. Pierson Broadwater (Yale University)
  56. Michael Groot (Amherst College)
  57. Ziad Elmandouh (Denison University)
  58. Andres de Frutos (George Washington University)
  59. Thomas Kingshott (Yale University)
  60. Jacob Kagan (Middlebury College)
  61. Josh Oakley (Hobart College)
  62. Darrius Campbell (Bates College)
  63. Ben Pitfield (University of Rochester)
  64. Matthew Lillie (Connecticut College)
  65. Lucas Rousselet (Drexel University)
  66. Jacob Ellen (Middlebury College)
  67. Will Cembalest (Middlebury College)
  68. Jay Losty (Yale University)
  69. Abdelrahman Elsergany (Dickinson College)
  70. David Sneed (Wesleyan University)
  71. Felipe Pantle (Hobart College)
  72. Gabriel Bassil (New York University)
  73. Mohammad Harith Khawaja (Amherst College)
  74. Max McCafferty (New York University)
  75. Arhum Saleem (Columbia University)
  76. Wallace Miller (Haverford College)
  77. Elliot Gross (Colby College)
  78. Vedaant Kukadia (MIT)
  79. Rhys Nordstrom (Bard College)
  80. Terrance Rose (Hobart College)