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2016 Men’s National Team Championships: Conroy Cup Final

New Haven, CT — The University of Western Ontario defeated Dickinson to win the 2016 Conroy Cup.

Today’s match was the first-ever meeting between the two teams. Western Ontario had won the B Division three times in the last ten years and lost in the finals of the Summers Cup (C Division) last season. Dickinson, on the other hand, is new varsity program. Last season was the Red Devils’ first trip to the Men’s National Team Championships, and they finished 55th overall, competing in the Hawthorn Cup.

Western Ontario had the first win of the match, a three-game victory at number 6 that included a 16-14 second game. At number 9, the Red Devils forced a fourth game, but the match went to the Mustangs. At number 3, Dickinson built up a two-game lead that Western Ontario matched. Dickinson battled back to win their first match of the final, making the match score Western Ontario 2, Dickinson 1.

The second round saw a number of close matches. In each contest, Western Ontario went out to a lead and Dickinson came back, taking the matches to four and even five games. But Western Ontario closed the deal every time; the Mustangs won in four at number 8 and 5 and won in five at number 2. With that, Western Ontario had the matches they needed to take home the Conroy Cup.

Dickinson kept fighting, winning the last matches on court. The final score was Western Ontario 5, Dickinson 4.

This is the University of Western Ontario’s first Conroy Cup championship and their first division title since 2013.