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College Squash Reminders (8/16/2015)

Hatfield, MA — On Sunday, the e-mail below was sent to coaches and team contacts.

A few reminders…

Team Preview Questionnaires: As a reminder, please complete your team preview questionnaire. We will use the information submitted below to compose the preview. Feel free to respond informally, and we will polish your responses. Please note that we will only publish previews for teams that submit questionnaires.

Information about graduates and incoming players are used in the preseason rankings, so if you do not respond, we will assume your team will be weaker than it was last season.

  • MCSA Preview Questionnaire: (link in original e-mail)
  • WCSA Preview Questionnaire: (link in original e-mail)

To date (8/16), the following teams have already submitted their questionnaires: Bates College (Men); Bates College (Women); Franklin and Marshall College (Men); Franklin and Marshall College (Women); Northwestern University (Men); Northwestern University (Women); Princeton University (Women); Rochester, University of (Women); Swarthmore College (Men); Trinity College (Men); Tufts University (Men); Tufts University (Women); Washington, University of (Men); Wesleyan University (Men); Wesleyan University (Women)

Team Schedules: Teams should submit their proposed competitive schedule for the upcoming season for entry into the online system over the coming weeks. The deadline for submission is Weds, September 7, 2015. If your team’s full schedule is not yet set, please submit the most up-to-date one possible and adjustments will be made later. All schedules should be submitted to Laurelle Holley. The information for each match should include: Date, Home Team/Away Team/Third party location, and time (if decided).

Contact Information: If you are receiving this reminder and are no longer your team’s contact, please let Dent Wilkens and Michael T. Bello ASAP.

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