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2014-2015 Dunlop Men’s College Squash Team Rankings (2/1/2015)

[rankingimage] Northampton, MA — Today, the ninth [mtr] of the season were released.

The top 11 ranking positions remain in flux. After Franklin & Marshall’s 5-4 victory over Rochester, there were seven ranking triangles in play. Trinity and Rochester remained in the top two positions. Harvard’s victory over Columbia vaulted the Crimson into the 3rd position, followed by Columbia, then Yale. In the Rochester, Franklin & Marshall, and Princeton triangle, Rochester finished first, followed by Franklin & Marshall, which moved Rochester to 6th, F&M to 7th, and Princeton to 8th.  Penn and Dartmouth each moved up one position after Dartmouth edged Cornell, 5-4.

Not to be outdone, the 12th – 18th positions were also complicated.  A ranking triangle between Drexel, Williams, and Middlebury formed this week after Middlebury defeated Drexel, 5-4. Drexel won the triangle, followed by Williams, and then Drexel. Navy was slotted between Williams and Middlebury, while Brown, George Washington, and Bates took 16th, 17th, and 18th.

With Amherst’s 5-4 victory over Wesleyan, yet another ranking triangle was formed between Amherst, Colby, and Wesleyan. Colby had the most individual victories of the triangle, followed by Wesleyan, and then Amherst. Colby takes the 20th position, followed by Wesleyan and Amherst.

Bucknell moves to 29th after a late-reported victory over Georgetown. Chicago’s victory over Georgetown and Johns Hopkins moved the Maroons to the 30th position.

Boston College’s late-reported victory over Colgate created a ranking triangle between Boston College, Bryant, and Colgate.  BC won the triangle, followed by Bryant and Colgate.

After both defeating Lehigh, Haverford moves up to 43rd, while Fordham moves up to 44th.

After defeating Cal Berkeley, Minnesota moves to the 53rd position.

Bard and Vassar switch positions. Bard ended a 28-match losing streak on Saturday by defeating Brandeis, 9-0, and Vassar, 5-4.

USC moves behind Oregon after losing to the Ducks, 2-5.

Brandeis debuts in the rankings this week.

North Carolina and Sewanee were removed from the rankings due to “Not on Roster” players in their match results. They received multiple warnings. They will reenter the rankings in the ranking cycle after they enter the players in the US Squash scoring system for the matches with “Not on Roster” players.

Teams are reminded that to qualify for the National Team Championships, they must meet minimum match requirements:

  • Varsity teams are required to play ten (10) matches against other CSA teams to enter team championships. At minimum, each team should have at least 6 different opponents. Varsity teams should play the majority of their matches against other varsity schools.
  • Club teams are required to play eight (8) matches against other CSA teams to enter team championships in a 9 player division. In addition, club teams must play at least four (4) matches between January 1st and February 10th. At minimum, each team should have at least five (5) different opponents.

For a regular season match to officially count for ranking purposes, each team must have at least seven players. Except for Emerging Teams, matches with less than seven players per team will not count towards the required number of matches for entry into the National Team Championships.

Below are the [mtr] as of February 1, 2014. Listed after each school’s name is their previous ranking.

  1. Trinity College (1)
  2. St. Lawrence University (2)
  3. Harvard University (6)
  4. Columbia University (4)
  5. Yale University (5)
  6. Rochester, University of (3)
  7. Franklin and Marshall College (9)
  8. Princeton University (8)
  9. Pennsylvania, University of (10)
  10. Dartmouth College (11)
  11. Cornell University (7)
  12. Drexel University (12)
  13. Williams College (15)
  14. Naval Academy (14)
  15. Middlebury College (17)
  16. Brown University (13)
  17. George Washington University (16)
  18. Bates College (18)
  19. Western Ontario, University of (19)
  20. Colby College (21)
  21. Wesleyan University (20)
  22. Amherst College (22)
  23. Hobart College (23)
  24. Bowdoin College (24)
  25. Hamilton College (25)
  26. Connecticut College (26)
  27. Stanford University (27)
  28. Virginia, University of (28)
  29. Bucknell University (30)
  30. Chicago, University of (42)
  31. Georgetown University (29)
  32. Johns Hopkins University (31)
  33. Tufts University (32)
  34. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (33)
  35. Denison University (34)
  36. Northeastern University (36)
  37. Boston College (38)
  38. Bryant University (39)
  39. Colgate University (37)
  40. Boston University (40)
  41. New York University (41)
  42. Northwestern University (43)
  43. Haverford College (44)
  44. Fordham University (47)
  45. Lehigh University (35)*
  46. Washington University (St. Louis) (45)
  47. Miami, University of (46)
  48. Richmond, University of (48)
  49. Charleston, College of (49)
  50. Pennsylvania State University (50)
  51. Washington, University of (51)
  52. Swarthmore College (52)
  53. Minnesota, University of (54)
  54. California Berkeley, University of (53)
  55. Dickinson College (55)
  56. Siena College (58)
  57. Bard College (59)
  58. Vassar College (57)
  59. Davidson College (60)
  60. Vanderbilt University (61)
  61. Notre Dame, University of (62)
  62. Vermont, University of (64)
  63. Oregon, University of (66)
  64. Southern California (USC), University of (56)
  65. Duke University (65)*
  66. Lafayette College (67)*
  67. Ithaca College (NR)
  68. Brandeis University (NR)*

* =  Not competing at Team Championships