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Dartmouth Endows Head Squash Coaching Position

Hanover, NH — Dartmouth College recently announced athletic endowments, including the head men’s and women’s squash coaching positions.

Dartmouth Now spoke with Harry Sheeky, directory of Athletics and Recreation at Dartmouth:

“Endowments for athletic programs and coaches send a powerful message of support and are a tremendous source of inspiration to our student-athletes, coaches, and staff,” says Harry Sheehy, director of Athletics and Recreation. “Endowed coaching positions and team programs boost Dartmouth’s ability to attract and retain talented teacher-coaches and build stronger teams over the long term. We are so grateful to the donors and their families, as these gifts help ensure a wonderful student-athlete experience, and enable Dartmouth to compete successfully in the Ivy League and NCAA.”

Hansi Wiens, the current Dartmouth coach, will be the Douglas “Digger” Donahue 1973 Head Coach of Men’s and Women’s Squash. He has been the head coach of the Dartmouth men and women since 2009. During his time at Dartmouth, Donahue was the captain of the Big Green.

In 2011, Harvard University endowed its squash coaching position. Mike Way is the Gregory Lee ’87 and Russell Ball ’88 Endowed Coach for Squash at Harvard. Brown University has also endowed its coaching positions. Stuart le Gassick is the Broadbent Family Head Coaching Chair for Squash Racquets, and Chris Sachvie is the Steel Family Assistant Coaching Chair for Squash.