2013 Women’s College Squash Video: Pioneer Valley Invitational – Amherst and Wellesley #7s


Amherst, MA — The annual Pioneer Valley Invitational was hosted by Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, and Smith College on January 18th – 20th. There were eleven schools participating in the event.

On the opening night of the event, Amherst hosted Wellesley.

Amherst went 4-1 at the tournament. The Jeffs beat Wellelsey (9-0), Haverford (9-0), Hamilton (8-1) and Wesleyan (7-2), but lost to Harvard (0-9). Wellesley went 1-2, beating Haverford (9-0), but losing to Amherst (0-9) and Mount Holyoke (2-7).

In the match at the #7 position, Amherst’s Khushy Aggarwal faced Wellesley’s Cara Kaufman. Aggarwal won the match in three games (11-9, 11-4, and 11-1). Below is video from the match.

In the coming weeks, CollegeSquashAssociation.com will feature more videos and photos from the Pioneer Valley Invitational.