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Dunlop Men’s College Squash Final Individual Rankings for the 2011 – 2012 Season

Northampton, MA — Today, the final [mir] of the 2011 – 2012 season were released.

Please note that individual rankings are extremely complex and labor intensive to compile. The final individual rankings of the regular season and the results from the 2012 Individual Championships were blended to compile the final rankings.

In the coming days, the 2011 – 2012 Men’s College Squash Association All-American team will be released.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Ali Farag (Harvard University)
  2. Ramit Tandon (Columbia University)
  3. Todd Harrity (Princeton University)
  4. Vikram Malhotra (Trinity College)
  5. Antonio Diaz Glez (Trinity College)
  6. Andres Duany (Rochester, University of)
  7. Benjamin Fischer (Rochester, University of)
  8. Miled Zarazua (Trinity College)
  9. Guilherme De Melo (Franklin and Marshall College)
  10. Christopher Hanson (Dartmouth College)
  11. Kelly Shannon (Princeton University)
  12. Christopher Callis (Princeton University)
  13. Nicholas Sachvie (Cornell University)
  14. Brandon McLaughlin (Harvard University)
  15. Tyler Osborne (Princeton University)
  16. Kenneth Chan (Yale University)
  17. Nicholas Sisodia (Dartmouth College)
  18. Thomas Spettigue (Cornell University)
  19. Thomas Mattsson (Pennsylvania, University of)
  20. Alex Domenick (Cornell University)
  21. Johan Detter (Trinity College)
  22. Samuel Kang (Princeton University)
  23. Richard Dodd (Yale University)
  24. Ryan Dowd (Yale University)
  25. Gary Power (Harvard University)
  26. Nicholas Hopcroft (Harvard University)
  27. Reinhold Hergeth (Trinity College)
  28. Joe Chapman (Rochester, University of)
  29. Gabriel De Melo (Franklin and Marshall College)
  30. Hywel Robinson (Yale University)
  31. Islam El-Fiky (George Washington University)
  32. Aditiya Jagtap (Cornell University)
  33. John Roberts (Yale University)
  34. Clay Blackiston (Princeton University)
  35. Adam Perkiomaki (Rochester, University of)
  36. Moustafa Hamada (Trinity College)
  37. Dylan Ward (Princeton University)
  38. William Hartigan (Cornell University)
  39. Matthew Mackin (Trinity College)
  40. Arjun Gupta (Cornell University)
  41. Nigel Koh (Harvard University)
  42. Mauricio Sedano (Franklin and Marshall College)
  43. Neil Martin (Yale University)
  44. Tyler Olson (Harvard University)
  45. Vishrab Kotian (Trinity College)
  46. Ryan Herden (Western Ontario, University of)
  47. James Van Staveren (Western Ontario, University of)
  48. Robert Berner (Yale University)
  49. Juan Flores (Trinity College)
  50. Owen Butler (Cornell University)
  51. Andrew McGuinness (Naval Academy, United States)
  52. Brian Hong (Western Ontario, University of)
  53. Tom Mullaney (Harvard University)
  54. Omar Sobhy (George Washington University)
  55. Jason Michas (Harvard University)
  56. William Morris (Williams College)
  57. Jesus Pena (Princeton University)
  58. Matt Domenick (Rochester, University of)
  59. Julian Kirby (Harvard University)
  60. Danny Greenberg (Pennsylvania, University of)
  61. Kyle Ogilvy (St. Lawrence University)
  62. Rishi Jalan (Cornell University)
  63. Blake Reinson (Brown University)
  64. Hunter Abrams (Naval Academy, United States)
  65. John Steele (Wesleyan University)
  66. Brad Thompson (Brown University)
  67. Juan Pablo Gaviria (Rochester, University of)
  68. Mohamed Abdel Maksoud (Rochester, University of)
  69. Stephen Harrington (Princeton University)
  70. Christopher Jung (Dartmouth College)
  71. Oscar Lopez (Rochester, University of)
  72. Luke Lee (Dartmouth College)
  73. Albert Shoihet (Western Ontario, University of)
  74. Yeshale Chetty (Western Ontario, University of)
  75. Anthony Zou (Columbia University)
  76. Elroy Leong (Trinity College)
  77. Zeke Scherl (Harvard University)
  78. Nick Marks (Williams College)
  79. Bryan Keating (Cornell University)
  80. Kevin Chen (Williams College)
  81. Robert Maycock (Dartmouth College)
  82. Karm Kumar (Rochester, University of)
  83. Justin Singh (Drexel University)
  84. Juan Lopez (Trinity College)
  85. Alexander Ma (Harvard University)
  86. Ryan Todd (Cornell University)
  87. Robert Burns (Bates College)
  88. Stephen Wetherill (Dartmouth College)
  89. Valentin Quan (Middlebury College)
  90. Jay Dolan (Middlebury College)
  91. Adam Engel (Western Ontario, University of)
  92. Samuel Clayman (Yale University)
  93. Parker Hurst (Middlebury College)
  94. Charlie Wyatt (Yale University)
  95. Ibrahim Khan (St. Lawrence University)
  96. Eric Caine (Yale University)
  97. Caleb Garza (Connecticut College)
  98. Vir Seth (St. Lawrence University)
  99. Ryan Mullaney (Franklin and Marshall College)
  100. Trevor McGuinness (Pennsylvania, University of)
  101. Zuhaib Mohiuddin (Pennsylvania, University of)
  102. Jack Ervasti (Williams College)
  103. Ash Egan (Princeton University)
  104. Michael Mistras (Dartmouth College)
  105. Daniel Judd (Pennsylvania, University of)
  106. Barrett Takesian (Bowdoin College)
  107. David Hilton (Cornell University)
  108. Tashlin Reddy (Western Ontario, University of)
  109. Taylor Foehl (Williams College)
  110. Graham Miao (Columbia University)
  111. Andrew Silvestri (Western Ontario, University of)
  112. Alexander Arjoon (Franklin and Marshall College)
  113. John Lamont (Trinity College)
  114. Sam Haig (Yale University)
  115. Harry Smith (Colby College)
  116. Alexander Greaves-Tunnell (Williams College)
  117. Varun Prakash (Western Ontario, University of)
  118. William Ahmed (Harvard University)
  119. Patrick Cunningham (Franklin and Marshall College)
  120. Brian O’Toole (Dartmouth College)
  121. David Hoffman (Princeton University)
  122. James Kacergis (Naval Academy, United States)
  123. Alex Kurth (Dartmouth College)
  124. Sujat Barua (Franklin and Marshall College)
  125. Will Campo (St. Lawrence University)
  126. Hunter Bouchard (Naval Academy, United States)
  127. Joseph Roberts (Yale University)
  128. Duncan Maxwell (St. Lawrence University)
  129. Bayard Kuensell (Dartmouth College)
  130. William Abrams (Naval Academy, United States)
  131. Julian Drobetsky (Williams College)
  132. Derek Chilvers (Pennsylvania, University of)
  133. Jack Maine (Pennsylvania, University of)
  134. Taylor Tutrone (Princeton University)
  135. Sebastian Riedelsheimer (St. Lawrence University)
  136. Greg Crane (Trinity College)
  137. Andrew Maruca (Williams College)
  138. John Dudzik (Pennsylvania, University of)
  139. Fletcher Pease (Dartmouth College)
  140. Jay Dalal (Northwestern University)
  141. Colin Barry (Naval Academy, United States)
  142. Christopher Fernandez (St. Lawrence University)
  143. Christopher Wilkinson (Williams College)
  144. Bruce Burrowes (Western Ontario, University of)
  145. Michael Mutscheller (Pennsylvania, University of)
  146. Kristian Muldoon (Bates College)
  147. Aadit Zaveri (Franklin and Marshall College)
  148. Stephan Danyluk (Bowdoin College)
  149. Zachary Schweitzer (Tufts University)
  150. Spencer Hurst (Middlebury College)
  151. Cooper Redpath (Middlebury College)
  152. Justin Ang (Pennsylvania, University of)
  153. Charles Cutler (Franklin and Marshall College)
  154. Peter Weinberg (Dartmouth College)
  155. R. Keating (Bates College)
  156. Eric Bedell (Bates College)
  157. Amay Merchant (St. Lawrence University)
  158. William Sullivan (Colby College)
  159. Christopher Baldock (Stanford University)
  160. Christopher Holter (Brown University)
  161. Hunter Beck (Naval Academy, United States)
  162. Walter Cabot III (Bates College)
  163. Andy Cannon (Bates College)
  164. Stephen Stinson (Cornell University)
  165. William Moore (Middlebury College)
  166. Andrew Hilboldt (Bowdoin College)
  167. Tyler Strand (Stanford University)
  168. Matthew Shang (Cornell University)
  169. Jack Barrett (Dartmouth College)
  170. Michael Badali (St. Lawrence University)
  171. Brian Henry (Franklin and Marshall College)
  172. Kyul Rhee (Columbia University)
  173. Freddy Hernandez (Franklin and Marshall College)
  174. Thomas Kraft (St. Lawrence University)
  175. Charles Quintin (Amherst College)
  176. Steve Severson (Amherst College)
  177. Martin Bawden (Hamilton College)
  178. Addison DiSesa (Middlebury College)
  179. Eamon O Connor (Brown University)
  180. Kale Wilson (Western Ontario, University of)
  181. Martin Prentice (Denison University)
  182. Adrian Ostbye (Western Ontario, University of)
  183. Shaeel Khan (Penn State University)
  184. Remington Hall (Western Ontario, University of)
  185. Jose Calderon (George Washington University)
  186. David Kerr (Amherst College)
  187. Sachin Patel (Harvard University)
  188. Anderson Good (St. Lawrence University)
  189. John Richey (Naval Academy, United States)
  190. Conor McClintock (Williams College)
  191. Alexander Hsu (Brown University)
  192. Mark Funk (Dartmouth College)
  193. Peter Lynn (St. Lawrence University)
  194. Danial Saleem (Columbia University)
  195. Russell Woeltz (St. Lawrence University)
  196. William Fantini (Bowdoin College)
  197. Scott Desantis (Amherst College)
  198. David Snyder (Franklin and Marshall College)
  199. Alexander Southmayd (Amherst College)
  200. David Koenig (Naval Academy, United States)
  201. William Bryan (Brown University)
  202. John Tracey (Naval Academy, United States)
  203. West Hubbard (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  204. Pranay Merchant (Trinity College)
  205. Alex Nalle (Tufts University)
  206. Avinash Bhavnani (Brown University)
  207. Michael DeLalio (Wesleyan University)
  208. Nabil Saleem (Bates College)
  209. Nicholas Kourides (Georgetown University)
  210. Alex Nunez (Wesleyan University)
  211. Todd Lavine (Amherst College)
  212. Willy Clarke (Middlebury College)
  213. John Eder (Colby College)
  214. Nicholas Greaves-Tunnell (Williams College)
  215. Adam Pistel (George Washington University)
  216. Alexander Wood (Hamilton College)
  217. Jermaine Xaba (St. Lawrence University)
  218. Christopher Greco (Princeton University)
  219. Jared Zuckerman (Williams College)
  220. Sebastian Dangond (Drexel University)
  221. Jeffrey Berman (Wesleyan University)
  222. Aaron Seong (Williams College)
  223. Addington Graham (Williams College)
  224. Sam Shleifer (Yale University)
  225. Mark Wieland (Stanford University)
  226. Adnan Abdulhusein (Franklin and Marshall College)
  227. Alexander Nassikas (Wesleyan University)
  228. John Hsu (Naval Academy, United States)
  229. Peter Koekkoek (Franklin and Marshall College)
  230. Thomas Galluccio (Columbia University)
  231. Riyad Seervai (Brown University)
  232. Reed Palmer (Middlebury College)
  233. Chris Stinson (Cornell University)
  234. James Hill (New York University)
  235. Theodore Buchsbaum (Columbia University)
  236. Cooper Veysey (Hamilton College)
  237. Alec Goldberg (Columbia University)
  238. Daniel Pelaez (Hobart College)
  239. Robert Zindman (Trinity College)
  240. Max Kardon (Amherst College)
  241. Michael Sankovich (Vassar College)
  242. Timothy Dyer (Northeastern University)
  243. Huw Robinson (Yale University)
  244. Daniel Sneed (Wesleyan University)
  245. Jethro Pak (California Berkeley, University of)
  246. Milo Watanabe (Boston College)
  247. Sam Beatt (Vermont, University of)
  248. Andrew Tan (Columbia University)
  249. Jason Shrubb (Bates College)
  250. James Patteson (Virginia, University of)
  251. Peter Harrison (Hamilton College)
  252. Tarun Nambiar (Minnesota, University of)
  253. Robert Bolling (Connecticut College)
  254. Sam Ehrlich (George Washington University)
  255. Larkin Brinkworth (George Washington University)
  256. Chris Ivsin (Middlebury College)
  257. Andrew Yanders (Penn State University)
  258. Robert Galluccio (Middlebury College)
  259. Jake Albert (Amherst College)
  260. Benjamin Ng (Franklin and Marshall College)
  261. Will Hochman (Colby College)
  262. Brian Mullen (Connecticut College)
  263. Harry Keeshan (Hamilton College)
  264. Hyunho Rhee (Columbia University)
  265. Player Haynes (George Washington University)
  266. John Sluder (Connecticut College)
  267. Sam Brenman (Colgate University)
  268. Ethan Moritz (Wesleyan University)
  269. Joshua Rosenblat (Boston College)
  270. Tod Holberton (Brown University)
  271. Harry Waterton (Bryant University)
  272. William Matthews (Washington University in St. Louis)
  273. Corey Kabot (Hobart College)
  274. John Oberbeck (Brown University)
  275. Rodrigo Quan Miranda (Amherst College)
  276. Tarit Rao-Chakravorti (Swarthmore College)
  277. Alexander Lynch (Trinity College)
  278. Andrew Ward (Bowdoin College)
  279. Gray Huffard (Colgate University)
  280. John Ghublikian (Northeastern University)
  281. Stephen Carroll (Colby College)
  282. Miles Bennett (Stanford University)
  283. Andrew Sprague (Bowdoin College)
  284. Matthew Gagnier (Franklin and Marshall College)
  285. Reid Wilson (Bowdoin College)
  286. Jacob Harris (Vassar College)
  287. Neel Swami (Brown University)
  288. Nicholas DiDonato (Drexel University)
  289. Ben York (Colby College)
  290. Charles Lebovitz (Brown University)
  291. Michael Coscarelli (Connecticut College)
  292. Henry Miller (Tufts University)
  293. Christopher King (Connecticut College)
  294. Brett Hill (Western Ontario, University of)
  295. Nat Cooper (Colby College)
  296. Maxwell Bearse (Bowdoin College)
  297. Peter Gabranski (Colby College)
  298. Mahesh Katragadda (Penn State University)
  299. Cotter Walker (Naval Academy, United States)
  300. Edward Black (Hamilton College)
  301. Jesse Cramer (Rochester, University of)
  302. David Born (Bates College)
  303. Max Frew (St. Lawrence University)
  304. Miles Brewer (Northeastern University)
  305. J.P. Garofalo (Middlebury College)
  306. Charlie Bolton (Georgetown University)
  307. William Lawson (Denison University)
  308. Oscar Mattsson (Pennsylvania, University of)
  309. Carter Rufe (Lafayette College)
  310. Matthew Arnold (Amherst College)
  311. Dylan Tracy (Vanderbilt University)
  312. Trey Simpson (Colby College)
  313. Cole McCourt (Pennsylvania, University of)
  314. Cameron Wilson (Stanford University)
  315. Sam Barsh (Stanford University)
  316. Patrick O’neill (Brown University)
  317. Johann Huang (Washington, University of)
  318. Steve Carey (Colgate University)
  319. Jacob Lee (Princeton University)
  320. Benjamin Thaler (Connecticut College)
  321. Max Kachur (Northeastern University)
  322. Hunter Schlacks (Pennsylvania, University of)
  323. James Calello (Georgetown University)
  324. Justin Curtis (Connecticut College)
  325. Alex Spiliotes (Haverford College)
  326. Zachary Porges (Amherst College)
  327. Brett Feldman (George Washington University)
  328. Peter Machtiger (Harvard University)
  329. Jeremy Wong (Connecticut College)
  330. Kevin Kent (Hobart College)
  331. Samuel Sokolsky-Tifft (Harvard University)
  332. Walker Lourie (Hamilton College)
  333. Nick Platt (Sewanee College)
  334. Charles Cabot (Harvard University)
  335. Christopher Bell (George Washington University)
  336. William Benedict (Northwestern University)
  337. Hayden Radovich (Bucknell University)
  338. William Fearnley (Bates College)
  339. Himanshu Jatia (California Berkeley, University of)
  340. Henry Hoffstot (Georgetown University)
  341. Omar Madkour (Penn State University)
  342. Asa Welty (Connecticut College)
  343. Andrew McComas (Haverford College)
  344. Jack Burgess (Washington, University of)
  345. Theodore Bowers (Stanford University)
  346. Adnan Khan (Williams College)
  347. Blair Corbin (Wesleyan University)
  348. Cory Shannon (Western Ontario, University of)
  349. P. Mcgee O’neil (Hobart College)
  350. Carlos Sandoval (Purdue University)
  351. Thomas Culp (Lafayette College)
  352. David Moxley (George Washington University)
  353. Alex Pizzutillo (Penn State University)
  354. Torey Broderson (Charleston, College of)
  355. Edgardo Gonzalez (Hobart College)
  356. Matthew Sheridan (Pennsylvania, University of)
  357. John Shinnick (Naval Academy, United States)
  358. I.H. Wicks Clothier (Franklin and Marshall College)
  359. Ronald German (Hamilton College)
  360. Emile Toscano (Naval Academy, United States)
  361. Patrick Trousdale (Georgetown University)
  362. Michael Pizzi (Williams College)
  363. Matthew Brown (Virginia, University of)
  364. Austin Engros (Hamilton College)
  365. Sung Won Cho (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  366. Juan Herrera (Rochester, University of)
  367. Kevin Donlin (Georgetown University)
  368. William Winmill (Bowdoin College)
  369. William Boyle (Hobart College)
  370. Colin Forsyth (Connecticut College)
  371. Ned Whelan (Virginia, University of)
  372. Julian Snider (Hobart College)
  373. Joshua Ko (Boston College)
  374. Grant Bercari (Hobart College)
  375. Timothy Gray (Hamilton College)
  376. Peter Wu (Johns Hopkins University)
  377. Eric Mercer (Western Ontario, University of)
  378. Nathan Li (Johns Hopkins University)
  379. Jimmy Xu (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  380. Christopher Santoro (Bucknell University)
  381. Zef Konst (Haverford College)
  382. Jacob Yeo (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  383. Marcus Bullen (Trinity College)
  384. William Greenberg (Colby College)
  385. Elias Lenard (Kenyon College)
  386. Kirk Bonner (Bucknell University)
  387. Stirling Hedderich (Washington University in St. Louis)
  388. Vinit Godha (Penn State University)
  389. Samuel Gevirtz (Connecticut College)
  390. Dennis Brinkworth (Northeastern University)
  391. Michael Krasnow (Denison University)
  392. Michael Hur (Johns Hopkins University)
  393. Sheldon Pariser (Washington University in St. Louis)
  394. Rodman Maier (Bucknell University)
  395. Jeremy Ho (Tufts University)
  396. Spencer Carlson (Kenyon College)
  397. Austin Anderson (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  398. Seth Neel (Harvard University)
  399. Tyler Kopp (Vanderbilt University)
  400. James Mulholland (Bates College)
  401. Luke Wherry (Wesleyan University)
  402. Paul Lee (Stanford University)
  403. Julian Gill (California Berkeley, University of)
  404. Emmanuel Lim (Bowdoin College)
  405. Aditya Gupta (California Berkeley, University of)
  406. Henry Gadsden (Bucknell University)
  407. Michael Abboud (Tufts University)
  408. Derek Rowley (Stanford University)
  409. Ted Nehrbas (Hamilton College)
  410. Elmer Vidal (Penn State University)
  411. John Levering (Bard College)
  412. Marvin So (Columbia University)
  413. Michael Wegman (Northeastern University)
  414. Rodney Galvao (Bates College)
  415. Cameron Rahbar (Wesleyan University)
  416. Bradley Kolodner (Ithaca College)
  417. Gray Riley (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  418. Nathaniel Reilly (Georgetown University)
  419. Chase Hochman (Wesleyan University)
  420. Nicholas Sorrentino (Amherst College)
  421. Jakob Metz (Maryland, University of)
  422. Nikhil Mehra (Harvard University)
  423. Darryl Soto (Colby College)
  424. Ramsey Sotir (Denison University)
  425. Danish Akhtar (Purdue University)
  426. Nicholas Brewer (Bryant University)
  427. Dillon Booth (Denison University)
  428. Ahmed Sajjad (Northeastern University)
  429. Anthony Imbesi (Georgetown University)
  430. Clint Trenkelbach (Bowdoin College)
  431. Marshall Crane (Denison University)
  432. Shaw McKean (Harvard University)
  433. Christopher Tyson (Haverford College)
  434. Geo Marting (Kenyon College)
  435. Austin Schiff (Vanderbilt University)
  436. David Renner (Sewanee College)
  437. Muhammad Ali (North Carolina State University)
  438. James Brooks (Harvard University)
  439. Kyle Deombeleg (Colgate University)
  440. Christopher Wert (Kenyon College)
  441. Oscar Neubauer (Georgetown University)
  442. Nick Xu (Stanford University)
  443. Jared Ciejek (Lehigh University)
  444. Peter Flynn (Connecticut College)
  445. Malcolm Willis (Bucknell University)
  446. Danilo Lobo Dias (Kenyon College)
  447. William Heyman (Drexel University)
  448. Phillip Goldstein (Middlebury College)
  449. William Kerr (Hamilton College)
  450. James Yacobucci (Georgetown University)
  451. Chaiyatat Bunjapamai (Boston University)
  452. Eitezaz Mahmood (Northwestern University)
  453. Matthew Waid (California Berkeley, University of)
  454. Gordon Silverman (Tufts University)
  455. John Han (Stanford University)
  456. James Underwood (Washington University in St. Louis)
  457. Roberto Vanegas (Penn State University)
  458. Greg Berson (Northeastern University)
  459. Richard Keane (Charleston, College of)
  460. Peter Mack (Amherst College)
  461. Chris Ahn (Georgetown University)
  462. Bjorn Ahbel (Rochester, University of)
  463. Anchit Nayar (Columbia University)
  464. Logan Uretsky (Brandeis University)
  465. Kyungsoo Woo (Vanderbilt University)
  466. David Bian (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  467. Cooper Mead (Bucknell University)
  468. Guillaume Cossard (Georgetown University)
  469. Zulkifli Ahmad (Vanderbilt University)
  470. William Hanley (Middlebury College)
  471. Reeve Waud (Middlebury College)
  472. Yoni Krupski (Johns Hopkins University)
  473. Mark Bugas (Colgate University)
  474. Anthony Carbone (Johns Hopkins University)
  475. Paul Reilly (Georgetown University)
  476. Devin Moore (Georgetown University)
  477. Janvier Chalopin (Johns Hopkins University)
  478. Roy Flemmer (Virginia, University of)
  479. Teddy Taylor (Boston College)
  480. Pete Heck (Kenyon College)
  481. Akshay Maliwal (California Berkeley, University of)
  482. Abhi Mitra (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  483. Jai Gokhale (Penn State University)
  484. Bert Van Den Hooff (Vanderbilt University)
  485. Emmett Knowlton (Amherst College)
  486. Lyman Munschauer (Hamilton College)
  487. Andrew Baird (North Carolina, University of)
  488. Jacob Roscoe (Boston University)
  489. Divay Baid (Penn State University)
  490. Kwang Ho Roh (Northwestern University)
  491. Bilal Mahmood (Brandeis University)
  492. Will Addis (Lehigh University)
  493. Hugo Meggitt (Tufts University)
  494. Elliot Kardon (Tufts University)
  495. Matthew Schreffler (Drexel University)
  496. Eric Milbourn (Kenyon College)
  497. George Pratt (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  498. Jorden Zanazzi (Georgetown University)
  499. Jonathan Chambers (Boston University)
  500. Asfyander Nadeem (Harvard University)
  501. Ryan Daley (Johns Hopkins University)
  502. Vinayak Kalani (Drexel University)
  503. Yen Theng Tan (Johns Hopkins University)
  504. Anthony Chau (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  505. Eric DeRose (Hobart College)
  506. Zachary Green (Tulane University)
  507. Wyatt Hong (Stanford University)
  508. Kyung Jun Park (Northwestern University)
  509. Ali Sadeghi (Vermont, University of)
  510. Aditya Mithal (Johns Hopkins University)
  511. Brendan Mullen (Duke University)
  512. Christopher Murphy (Bucknell University)
  513. Manuk Garg (Swarthmore College)
  514. Andy Cherna (Colgate University)
  515. Ben Bevan (Drexel University)
  516. Will Drennen (Trinity College)
  517. Nicolas Cavallo (Wesleyan University)
  518. Juan Morales (Penn State University)
  519. Amos Kendall (Vanderbilt University)
  520. Alex Marder (Brandeis University)
  521. Robert Mueller (Kenyon College)
  522. Hussain Raza (California Berkeley, University of)
  523. Andriy Kulak (Fordham University)
  524. Willis Stephens (Hobart College)
  525. Mark Bottini (Lafayette College)
  526. Nicholas Housden (Colgate University)
  527. John Ranieri (Colgate University)
  528. Jake Matthews (Kenyon College)
  529. Max Ortwein (Boston College)
  530. Keebuhm Park (Stanford University)
  531. Charlie Rockwell (Rochester, University of)
  532. Eli Borek (Tufts University)
  533. George Clarke (Cornell University)
  534. Julian Hackney (Bates College)
  535. Sam Bogrov (Vanderbilt University)
  536. Nakul Jain (Drexel University)
  537. Michael Bender (Virginia, University of)
  538. William Spencer (Duke University)
  539. Zachary Hoyt (Vanderbilt University)
  540. Scott MacGregor (Virginia, University of)
  541. Jay Kramer (Trinity College)
  542. Alexander Cuffe (Vanderbilt University)
  543. Harshil Dokania (Drexel University)
  544. Stanislav Berenshtein (Northeastern University)
  545. Abbad Malik (Maryland, University of)
  546. Peter Callahan (Bryant University)
  547. Kilbourn Gordon (Boston College)
  548. Nicholas Gadsden (Boston College)
  549. Jack Eiel (Colgate University)
  550. Ted Glick (Boston College)
  551. Mack Smith (Ithaca College)
  552. Chun Ming Tse (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  553. Vedant Bubna (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  554. Michael Kofsky (Vanderbilt University)
  555. Keith Sproat (Northeastern University)
  556. John Chisholm (Boston University)
  557. Griffin Snyder (Bucknell University)
  558. Jacob Bank (Stanford University)
  559. Benjamin Briggs (Tufts University)
  560. Liam King (California Berkeley, University of)
  561. Oliver Tully (California Berkeley, University of)
  562. Mark Kinsella (Penn State University)
  563. James Patton (North Carolina State University)
  564. Carlos Richardson (Wesleyan University)
  565. Eugene Chau (Washington, University of)
  566. James Melvin (Johns Hopkins University)
  567. Zahir Khan (Virginia, University of)
  568. Tim Ibbotson-Sindelar (Haverford College)
  569. Rob Steidle (Drexel University)
  570. Brian Cook (Tulane University)
  571. Naman Jiandani (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  572. Danny Gleason (Boston College)
  573. Paul Jamrogowicz (Drexel University)
  574. Esteban Caro (Lehigh University)
  575. Alexander Park (Columbia University)
  576. Kevin Sacherman (Drexel University)
  577. Spencer Price (Vanderbilt University)
  578. Ned Hardison (North Carolina, University of)
  579. James Keaney (Washington University in St. Louis)
  580. Matt Duhamel (Stanford University)
  581. Eli Plangger (Fordham University)
  582. Andrew Meleney (Tufts University)
  583. Henry Ross (North Carolina, University of)
  584. Keitaro Sagawa (Wesleyan University)
  585. Mark Rosato (Maryland, University of)
  586. Brendan Harney (Lafayette College)
  587. Max Middleton (Vassar College)
  588. Dylan Coburn (Bard College)
  589. Peter Davis (Bucknell University)
  590. Adam Kurtz (Washington University in St. Louis)
  591. Charlie Michele (Haverford College)
  592. Robert Patterson (Virginia, University of)
  593. Lu Quan Tan (Boston University)
  594. HongIn Yun (Swarthmore College)
  595. Paul Schmidt (Penn State University)
  596. Kevin Park (Washington, University of)
  597. Russell Sparrow (Vermont, University of)
  598. Ashley Kras (California Berkeley, University of)
  599. Alija Hogans (St. Lawrence University)
  600. John Tienken (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  601. Brent McDonough (Colgate University)
  602. Matt Liscovitz (Haverford College)
  603. Harry Gilbertson (California Berkeley, University of)
  604. Evan Casciato (Charleston, College of)
  605. Reese Hartmann (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  606. Slater Ottenritter (Sewanee College)
  607. William English (Vassar College)
  608. Ajit Bhalodia (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  609. Changmin Yoon (Lehigh University)
  610. Woo Choi (Johns Hopkins University)
  611. Jamie Utt (Charleston, College of)
  612. Andrew Grosner (Fordham University)
  613. Connor Kirschbaum (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  614. Dhruv Bhagat (Northeastern University)
  615. Siddharth Bidasaria (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  616. Jeremy Snider (Washington, University of)
  617. Benjamin Devoise (Northeastern University)
  618. Asa Tyler (Boston University)
  619. Kit Norris (Colgate University)
  620. George Guthrie (Virginia, University of)
  621. Cam Seo (Washington University in St. Louis)
  622. Zachary Casler (Lehigh University)
  623. Kevin Ye (Kenyon College)
  624. Andrew Reid (Sewanee College)
  625. Reilly Bench (Notre Dame, University of)
  626. Nigel Corea (Lehigh University)
  627. Cesar Peralta (Hobart College)
  628. Matt Murphy (Purdue University)
  629. Robbie Thompson (Haverford College)
  630. Sunny Long (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  631. Raymond Moore (Rochester, University of)
  632. Zach Starsia (Virginia, University of)
  633. Thomas Mathews (Vanderbilt University)
  634. Jordan Matthews (North Carolina State University)
  635. Michael Kraft (Minnesota, University of)
  636. Lars Foleide (California Berkeley, University of)
  637. Dylan Heckscher (Washington University in St. Louis)
  638. Gardiner Nardini (Bates College)
  639. Yale Kim (New York University)
  640. Morgan Beeson (Bucknell University)
  641. Hunter O’Harrow (Oregon, University of)
  642. Jake Gregory (Colgate University)
  643. Samuel Rahe (Charleston, College of)
  644. Andrew Labadini (Boston College)
  645. Stephen O’leary (Vanderbilt University)
  646. Gaby Hakim (Tulane University)
  647. Lex Cardone (Boston College)
  648. Oliver Katz (Hobart College)
  649. Zac Bluestone (Washington University in St. Louis)
  650. Joravar Dhaliwal (Swarthmore College)
  651. Lawrence Liu (Washington University in St. Louis)
  652. Nicholas Kensey (Connecticut College)
  653. Matthew Wishnoff (Connecticut College)
  654. Yong Yeong (Virginia, University of)
  655. Sambhav Oswal (University of Southern California)
  656. VENKAT IYER (Virginia, University of)
  657. Andrew Lindsay (Vassar College)
  658. Kasidis Horsangchai (Washington University in St. Louis)
  659. Kal Tam (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  660. Raymond Chen (Fordham University)
  661. Balin Michael (Colgate University)
  662. Austen Wells (Virginia, University of)
  663. Daniel O’Connor (Siena College)
  664. Michael Kates (Boston University)
  665. Cameron Davis (Charleston, College of)
  666. Benjamin Zucker (Tulane University)
  667. Nicholas Grace (Duke University)
  668. Ollie Waterhouse (California Berkeley, University of)
  669. Francis Smith (Maryland, University of)
  670. Brandon Thompson (Columbia University)
  671. Nicholas Barr (Lehigh University)
  672. Wes Bernier (Johns Hopkins University)
  673. Taylor Culbertsons (Northwestern University)
  674. Christopher Stoj (Tufts University)
  675. Aakash Shah (New York University)
  676. Amey Khanolkar (Drexel University)
  677. Alex Singer (Northwestern University)
  678. Rahul Garg (Swarthmore College)
  679. Ryan Bell (Colgate University)
  680. Kedarnath Viswanathan (California Berkeley, University of)
  681. Ben Whitman (Denison University)
  682. Peter Boal (Haverford College)
  683. Alex Williams (Fordham University)
  684. Lucas Shapiro (Washington University in St. Louis)
  685. Seetreon Torres (St. Lawrence University)
  686. Kevan Lee Lum (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  687. Aiden Sperry (Vassar College)
  688. Will Pisano (Connecticut College)
  689. Andrew Barnes (Denison University)
  690. Ryan Jenks (Notre Dame, University of)
  691. Sean Joy (Lehigh University)
  692. Chang Liu (Lehigh University)
  693. Prateek Peres-da-Silva (North Carolina, University of)
  694. Ryan Gisriel (Notre Dame, University of)
  695. Akshay Dugar (California Berkeley, University of)
  696. Prateek Arora (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  697. David Scott (Boston University)
  698. Stuart Webb (Duke University)
  699. Paul Mickan (Notre Dame, University of)
  700. Faraz Mahmood (Brandeis University)
  701. John Bukawyn (Swarthmore College)
  702. Andrew Fu (New York University)
  703. Jeremy Leiser-Mitchell (Kenyon College)
  704. Vivan Som (Northwestern University)
  705. Ganesh Swaminathan (Johns Hopkins University)
  706. David Chang (Haverford College)
  707. William Peck (Denison University)
  708. Devesh Jhunjhunwala (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  709. Nicholas Seshadri (Middlebury College)
  710. Eben Margolis (California Berkeley, University of)
  711. John Hamilton (Vanderbilt University)
  712. Frederick Grace (Duke University)
  713. Aaron Spiritos (Vermont, University of)
  714. Alex Margolick (Tulane University)
  715. Akshay Poonia (Bryant University)
  716. Omar Kabeer (Drexel University)
  717. Marshall Daly (Vassar College)
  718. Abram Bernstein (Colgate University)
  719. David Gallagher (Sewanee College)
  720. Henry Buck (Hobart College)
  721. David Weil (Penn State University)
  722. Riley McCabe (Vassar College)
  723. Tyler Sloan (Lehigh University)
  724. Chitwanjot Singh (Boston University)
  725. Jack O’Brien (Fordham University)
  726. Kyle Song (New York University)
  727. William Cissel (Connecticut College)
  728. Kyle Meierhofer (Notre Dame, University of)
  729. Patrick Hackett (Charleston, College of)
  730. Ricardo Espinosa (Vassar College)
  731. Jeremy Fridling (Washington University in St. Louis)
  732. Laurence Greenfield (Bucknell University)
  733. Tyler Ciempre (Denison University)
  734. Daniel Graulich (Brandeis University)
  735. Daniel Hsu (Northeastern University)
  736. Zeek Barnett (Haverford College)
  737. Bruce Strong (Brandeis University)
  738. Bilal Khan (Washington, University of)
  739. Chris Geslin (Charleston, College of)
  740. Kartik Sanghi (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  741. Cj Horning (Lafayette College)
  742. Rakan Nimr (Swarthmore College)
  743. Ty Broderson (Ithaca College)
  744. Chris Greenwood (Virginia, University of)
  745. Arush Sabherwal (Boston University)
  746. Peter Corbett (Charleston, College of)
  747. Brian Hurley (Notre Dame, University of)
  748. Map Teeravithayapinyo (Boston University)
  749. William Heffernan (Lafayette College)
  750. Nathaniel Kay (Vermont, University of)
  751. Rishabh Singhal (California Berkeley, University of)
  752. Dylan Gorman (Johns Hopkins University)
  753. Mike Ruggles (Bryant University)
  754. Yi Tan (Vassar College)
  755. Tushar Agarwal (Vassar College)
  756. Christian O’Donnell (Lafayette College)
  757. Brooks Miller (Virginia, University of)
  758. Dana Parziale (Bryant University)
  759. Byron Vereschagin (Charleston, College of)
  760. Michael O’neill (Notre Dame, University of)
  761. Joakim Twetman (California Berkeley, University of)
  762. Anthony Garcia (Vanderbilt University)
  763. Henry Sherrill (Charleston, College of)
  764. Blake Rosenbaum (Wesleyan University)
  765. Andrew Moss (Lehigh University)
  766. Eric Chuanroong (Lehigh University)
  767. Philip Cooper (Sewanee College)
  768. Casey O’Brien (Bryant University)
  769. Scott Schoenbereger (Denison University)
  770. Jordi Goodman (Tulane University)
  771. Theron Sarda (Notre Dame, University of)
  772. Clayton Smith (Notre Dame, University of)
  773. Aabhas Sharma (Purdue University)
  774. Kiet Phun (Vassar College)
  775. Cole Rochon (Bryant University)
  776. Sean Broderick (Lafayette College)
  777. Andrew Bailey (Vermont, University of)
  778. Jose Alvarez (Hobart College)
  779. Rudra Shriram (Purdue University)
  780. Tommy Martin (Vermont, University of)
  781. Brendan Faria (Charleston, College of)
  782. Samuel Mervis (Vermont, University of)
  783. Christopher Souther (Fordham University)
  784. Collin Smith (Swarthmore College)
  785. John Harriss (Ithaca College)
  786. Sudarshan Gopaladesikan (Swarthmore College)
  787. Marco Santacruz (Bryant University)
  788. Frank Dalicandro (Lafayette College)
  789. Andy Hoffman-Patalona (Bard College)
  790. AUSTIN FEESER (Dayton, Univ of)
  791. Jakob Lupa (Washington, University of)
  792. Suhel Saraf (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  793. Thomas Schreiner (Oregon, University of)
  794. Michael McHugo (Vermont, University of)
  795. Matthew Ieraci (Fordham University)
  796. Matthew Schultz (Western Michigan University)
  797. Lirong Liu (Washington, University of)
  798. Michael Zhou (Washington, University of)
  799. Yashovardhan Wagh (Purdue University)
  800. Craig Sadowski (Minnesota, University of)
  801. Saksham Mahana (Illinois (Champaign), University of)
  802. Carson Buss (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  803. Youseung Kim (Bard College)
  804. Patrick Ferroni (Bard College)
  805. Arman Terzian (Haverford College)
  806. Dylan Grushoff (Western Michigan University)
  807. Charlie Dobson (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  808. Samir Kothari (Bryant University)
  809. Ryan Shea (Virginia, University of)
  810. David Garfinkel (Vassar College)
  811. Mat Wynne (Fordham University)
  812. Forrest Hammock (Sewanee College)
  813. James Sinclair (Duke University)
  814. Patrick Moran (Oregon, University of)
  815. Robert Pacheco (Siena College)
  816. Rob O’Reilly (Fordham University)
  817. James Bannon (Swarthmore College)
  818. Oliver Adams (Minnesota, University of)
  819. Douglas Brown (Lehigh University)
  820. David Kang (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  821. Russell Frelinghuysen (Sewanee College)
  822. Jamaal Hollins (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  823. Max Dynerman (Virginia, University of)
  824. Samuel Chappelle (New York University)
  825. Quetsali Torres (Fordham University)
  826. Max Oltersdorf (California Berkeley, University of)
  827. Ben Mercado (Swarthmore College)
  828. Shail Bajpai (Vassar College)
  829. Louis Lam (University of Southern California)
  830. Jonathan Nguyen (Haverford College)
  831. Luke Meleney (Lafayette College)
  832. Bryan Fiori (Northwestern University)
  833. Vivek Ravi (Maryland, University of)
  834. Foster Rankin (Lehigh University)
  835. James Seago (Duke University)
  836. Jason Hua (Swarthmore College)
  837. Donald Carey (Fordham University)
  838. Jay Kemmerer (Duke University)
  839. Ethan Brooks (Fordham University)
  840. Andreas Sandin (North Carolina State University)
  841. Carl Windrup (Oregon, University of)
  842. Robert Ruggiero (Vassar College)
  843. Luke Pardue (Notre Dame, University of)
  844. Fargo Balliet (Ithaca College)
  845. Graham O’Brien Johnson (Oregon, University of)
  846. Ross Chu (Northwestern University)
  847. William Ryales (Vermont, University of)
  848. Elliot Korte (Bard College)
  849. Walter Kidder (Vanderbilt University)
  850. Jack Carter (Tufts University)
  851. Robert Gardiner (Sewanee College)
  852. Benjamin Kerzman (Minnesota, University of)
  853. Christopher Sander (Notre Dame, University of)
  854. Harry Gallway (Haverford College)
  855. Zeke Hirschberg (New York University)
  856. Asa Palley (Duke University)
  857. Dashiell Flach (Bard College)
  858. Mikael Rellier (Minnesota, University of)
  859. Gus Steigmeyer (Kenyon College)
  860. Michael McGraw (Notre Dame, University of)
  861. Kunal Raheja (Purdue University)
  862. Phil Carr (Bryant University)
  863. Nicholas Anderson (Boston University)
  864. Sterling Wilson (University of Southern California)
  865. Zachary Kaden (Haverford College)
  866. Rishabh Shah (University of Southern California)
  867. Ethan Feller (Ithaca College)
  868. Andrew McCue (Vermont, University of)
  869. Vinayak Ramasahayam (Oregon, University of)
  870. Calvin Healy (Ithaca College)
  871. Rahul Saladi (Minnesota, University of)
  872. Holden Ranz (Lafayette College)
  873. Rounak Rawal (North Carolina, University of)
  874. Joseph Whalen (Notre Dame, University of)
  875. Drew Boehmer (Lafayette College)
  876. Shreyas Prabhu Tendulkar (Purdue University)
  877. James Bradicich (University of Southern California)
  878. Harish Vemuri (University of Southern California)
  879. Peter Haury (Swarthmore College)
  880. Dominic Baxley (Maryland, University of)
  881. Daniel Golden (Ithaca College)
  882. Samuel Cadman (New York University)
  883. Dmytro Bashchynskyy (Bryant University)
  884. Bret Marlowe (Haverford College)
  885. Dennis Grabowski (Notre Dame, University of)
  886. Matthew Rohn (Haverford College)
  887. Rohan Sahai (Northwestern University)
  888. Nilesh Khaitan (Boston University)
  889. Jamie Urbana (Notre Dame, University of)
  890. Daniel Ha (Northwestern University)
  891. Prateek Tayal (Purdue University)
  892. Dong Hyun Lee (Purdue University)
  893. Nicholas Rogers (Kenyon College)
  894. James Spreuwenberg-Stewart (Bard College)
  895. Samuel Lindsay (Minnesota, University of)
  896. Harry Muth (Sewanee College)
  897. Abderrahman Anzaldua (Western Michigan University)
  898. Matthew Sushinsky (Notre Dame, University of)
  899. Peter Cohen (University of Southern California)
  900. Michael Widman (North Carolina State University)
  901. Faraz Hayat (Swarthmore College)
  902. Simran Guliani (Purdue University)
  903. Michael Todisco (Notre Dame, University of)
  904. Damian Theodosiou (Ithaca College)
  905. Jake Carter (Swarthmore College)
  906. Eric Helm (Haverford College)
  907. Evan Lehrer (Ithaca College)
  908. Asaad Anjum (Ithaca College)
  909. William Vitagliano (Vermont, University of)
  910. Michael Cahn (Oregon, University of)
  911. Houston Stebbins II (Bard College)
  912. Jaynit Raheja (University of Southern California)
  913. Kevin Sandner (Notre Dame, University of)
  914. Matt Eliseo (Siena College)
  915. Weston Honicker (Swarthmore College)
  916. John Schoonmaker (Siena College)
  917. Sam Kazman (Vermont, University of)
  918. Avin Castelino (Western Michigan University)
  919. Wes Oler (Maryland, University of)
  920. Harshil Sahai (Swarthmore College)
  921. Casey O’Meilia (Notre Dame, University of)
  922. Momin Baig (Dayton, Univ of)
  923. Andrew Lincoln (Sewanee College)
  924. Sera Boerger (Johns Hopkins University)
  925. Steven Brophy (Dayton, Univ of)
  926. Atsushi Hisaka (Oregon, University of)
  927. Matt Murray (Oregon, University of)
  928. Viraaj Patel (Siena College)
  929. Dave Gookin (Bard College)
  930. Colin Baker (Duke University)
  931. Kevin Walsh (Siena College)
  932. Satyen Motiani (University of Southern California)
  933. Cory Willhite (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  934. Hak Soo Lee (Northwestern University)
  935. Patrick Majeika (Dayton, Univ of)
  936. Daniel Gnecco (Boston University)
  937. Manhar Bajaj (University of Southern California)
  938. Thomas Dore (Notre Dame, University of)
  939. Ramy Toma (New York University)
  940. Sahil Kothary (Purdue University)
  941. Justin Keenan (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  942. Ben Caesar (Siena College)
  943. Nicholas Muench (Notre Dame, University of)
  944. Kevin Schlax (Notre Dame, University of)
  945. Somesh Batra (New York University)
  946. John Pavlecich (North Carolina State University)
  947. Sarang Paraskar (New York University)
  948. Garrett Fields (Kenyon College)
  949. Hector Chavez (Western Michigan University)
  950. Sean McKenna (Siena College)
  951. Zachary Miller (Siena College)
  952. Matthew Miller (North Carolina, University of)
  953. Jake Hebert (Siena College)
  954. Prashant Arya (Swarthmore College)
  955. Ryan Corning (Siena College)
  956. Krishnaprasad Akkineni (Duke University)
  957. Tony Font (Purdue University)
  958. Kevin Schafer (Siena College)
  959. Alston Ramsay (North Carolina, University of)
  960. Justin Campbell (Notre Dame, University of)
  961. Yumhali Garcia (Western Michigan University)
  962. Adib Chowdhury (Maryland, University of)
  963. James Chien-Hao Fan (New York University)
  964. Matthew Griffith (Western Michigan University)
  965. Joshua Ford (North Carolina, University of)
  966. Patrick Brophy (Dayton, Univ of)
  967. Jeremiah Hernandez (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  968. Joshua Eastby (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  969. Tucker Brenizer (North Carolina, University of)
  970. Mohanprasad Akkineni (Duke University)
  971. Thomas Napoly (North Carolina State University)
  972. Bassel Jirabe (North Carolina State University)
  973. Ryan Bouray (Illinois (Springfield), University of)
  974. Brad Williams (North Carolina State University)
  975. Kejian Lin (Purdue University)
  976. Noel Flemmer (Virginia, University of)

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