College Squash Reminders (2/16/2012): Roster Submissions for Howe Cup


On Thursday, the e-mail below was sent to WCSA coaches and team contacts:

WCSA Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

The Women’s National Team Championships (Howe Cup) are almost upon us. This year, Dent Wilkens will be the tournament director.

Per CSA rules, coaches must submit their rosters by the Monday before the event at 12 PM ET. If you do not enter a roster by 12 PM ET, your team’s last known roster in the US Squash Scoring system will be used.

For the Women’s Tournament, rosters must be submitted by Monday, February 20th, at 12 PM ET.

Please use the following link to submit your roster for the women’s tournament: [link in original e-mail]

Teams may submit line-ups of 11 players; however, only the top-10 players are eligilbe to compete in the top-9 ladder positions.

All line-ups will be posted for review by 8:00 PM on the Monday prior to the event. Coaches have until 5:00 PM on Tuesday to protest a team line-up to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director and Executive Committee will review all protests and make a decision on each one by Wednesday at noon and communicate the results to the membership.

If your team needs to make a special request because of travel schedules, please use the following link: [link in original e-mail]