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Harrow Sports College Squash Player of the Week (1/17/2011)

[powimage] Northampton, MA — For the week ending 1/17/2011, Cheri-Ann Parris (Bates) has been named the women’s [hpow], while John Steele (Wesleyan) and Theo Buchsbaum (Columbia) have been co-men’s [hpow].

A [hpow] should have a significant impact on his or her team’s performance during the prior week and demonstrate sportsmanship. Coaches and Sports Information Directors may nominate players by contacting Michael T. Bello. Nominations are due each Monday by 6 PM ET.

There were many strong candidates for the [hpow], including William Browne (Penn), Richard Hill (Harvard), Nick Sachvie (Cornell), and Jackie Shea (George Washington).

Cheri-Ann Parris (Bates College): Parris had an extremely successful Pioneer Valley Invitational.  Although the Bobcats went 2-1 at the tournament, Parris went undefeated with wins over Randima Ranweera (Mount Holyoke), Morgan Smith (F&M), and Hayley Milbourn (Amherst). On Saturday, Bates visited Dartmouth.  Parris played well and took the second game off of Valeria Wiens, the fifth-ranked player in the country.

John Steele (Wesleyan University) and Theo Buchsbaum (Columbia University): Steele, a first-year student, has been Wesleyan’s top player all season.  He proved that position by going 3-1 at the Pioneer Valley Invitational.  He beat the number 1 players from Columbia, Connecticut College, and St. Lawrence and lost to F&M’s Guilherme De Melo. Steele displayed extraordinary sportsmanship in his matches.

Like Steele, Buchsbaum is having a great freshman campaign.  He has won his first six college matches at the number five ladder position. This weekend, he went 4-0 at the Pioneer Valley Invitational with wins over Colby, Conn College, Hobart, and Wesleyan.  His final victory of the weekend was Columbia’s deciding match in its win against Wesleyan.

Photos courtesy of Bates College, Columbia University Athletics (Gene Boyars), and Wesleyan University.