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College Squash Association Publishes Additional Updated Rules

Northampton, MA — Following the previous rule updates that occurred earlier this month, today the College Squash Association published additional rule updates.

Here is a high-level summary of changes.

Eyewear Rules:

  • Although previously implied, added the provision that approved eyewear must be worn for practice, warm-ups, and match play.


  • Added footnote to the Illness and Injury section
  • Added Levels of Enforcement section

Match Play Rules:

  • Updated the Line-ups for National Team Championships section (Teams may submit line-ups of 11 players; however, only the top-10 players are eligible to compete in the top-9 ladder positions)

On Court Conduct:

  • Created this subpage to the Marking/Refereeing rules, which provides examples on inappropriate behavior, such as verbal or physical abuse of an official or player, racquet or equipment abuse, and visible or audible obscenity or profanity, and time wasting. This section is not a new concept to college squash, but a helpful guide to illustrate behaviors that warrant Levels of Enforcement

Ranking Rules:

  • Added the Eligible/Recognized Team section
  • Updated the Publication Schedule section
  • Updated the Coaches’ Obligations section (24-hour reporting requirement for home matches, 48-hours for neutral site matches)

To see exact changes, please refer to the “Updated on January 19, 2011″ link at the bottom of the Eyewear, Marking/Refereeing, Match Play Rules, and Ranking Rules pages.