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Drexel: 2009-2010 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

drexelPhiladelphia, PA — Drexel University arrived on the college squash scene only four seasons ago, but the team has been quietly ascending the rankings. Since the 2006-2007 season, the Dragons have moved from 47th  to 33rd in the season-ending rankings.  Last season, Drexel captured the Chaffee Cup. This season, Drexel looks to continue their success, and the team aspires to compete for at least the Conroy Cup, which is presented to the team that finishes 25th in the country.

Like the Drexel women’s team, the men are excited about the new squash courts being built at the University.  Two years ago, the Drexel squash clubs got hundreds of students sign a petition for the construction of  new squash courts.  The courts are a big step for the teams as they attempt to gain varsity status.  Drexel has played at the SquashSmarts facility for the past few years.  In fact, this year’s Drexel Round Robin will be held at the SquashSmarts facility.  The team attributes its success to SquashSmarts directors Steve Gregg and Jake Greenbaum, and to Jim Mitchell, the team’s advisor and associate professor of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering.

The Dragons return ten players from last year’s squad.  In addition, they expect at least two first-year students to join them this season.  The depth of their lineup will be crucial as the team is playing a high number of matches.  In November, Drexel will host a round robin that will include Georgetown, George Washington, and Haverford.  Drexel expects each of these matches to be very competitive. In addition, the Dragons will be participating in both the round robins at the Naval Academy.  The team is looking forward to its January trip to the West Coast.  The team will face Stanford during the trip.

2008-2009 Season Recap

NATIONAL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: 33rd; 1st in Chaffee Cup (E Division)

2009-2010 Season Preview

Returning Players from Team Championships: Yash Shah ’12 (1); Auritro Chatterjee ‘10 (2); Justin Burkholder ‘10 (3); Ty Steidle ‘11 (4); Akshay Singh ‘10 (5); Adam Ryan ‘11 (6); Christian O’Connor ‘12 (7); Kevin Rose ’10 (8); Stefan Gagliano ’10 (9); Amey Khandokler ’12 (10)

Injured: Chakkranga Rajapaksha ’12 (1)

Graduating Players from Team Championships: Ali Rehemtulla (4); Evan Mann Cyrkin (6); Jonathon Piazziani Rositano (10)

Captains: Justin Burkholder and Adam Ryan

Team Goals: To win the Conroy Cup (D division)

Key Matches: Navy Round Robins, Drexel Round Robin, Stanford