2020 CSA National Collegiate Women’s Team Championships

The 2020 College Squash Association National Collegiate Women’s Team Championships will be held at Yale University and Hopkins School in New Haven, CT on February 21-23.

Follow the event here for draws, results, live scores, order of play, and streaming throughout the weekend.

All tournament info can also be found at the Women’s Team Championships homepage.

Live Stream Video from Championships

All live stream video captured during the 2020 Women’s Team Championships is now archived here: Women’s Team Championships Video Playlist

Order of Play

For the first time, the order of play will be randomized and then rotated for each day of the CSA Team Championships. This is in line with the practice used in international team competitions and will give every player the opportunity to play in each match position over the course of the tournament.

The numbers in the order below represent the player’s position in their team’s lineup.

Friday, Feb. 21 Saturday, Feb. 22 Sunday, Feb. 23
First court – 1, 2, 3 First court – 2, 3, 1 First court – 3, 1, 2
Second court – 6, 5, 4 Second court – 5, 4, 6 Second court – 4, 6, 5
Third court – 7, 8, 9 Third court – 8, 9, 7 Third court – 9, 7, 8

Tournament Draws with Live Scoring