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2023-24 Season Preview

Head Coach: John White
Assistant Coach: Luke Forster

Men’s Team Captains: Jose Lopez
Women’s Team Captains: Margot Prow

Men’s Team Roster:

  1. Nicolo Abou Taleb
  2. Youssef Bastawy
  3. Darien Benn
  4. Michael Berry
  5. Dumitru Goian
  6. Fritiof Jacobsson
  7. Guido Lindner
  8. Jose Lopez
  9. Matthew Lucente
  10. Sean Murphy
  11. Yuri Pollak
  12. Haris Qasim
  13. Nicolas Serna
  14. Charlie Taylor
  15. Shomari Wiltshire

Team Goal: To end the season in the top 4

Women’s Team Roster:

  1. Claudia Adam
  2. Emma Bartley
  3. Moa Bonnemar
  4. Emilia Falconi
  5. Maddie Laine
  6. Eveli Malk
  7. Ava Prokes
  8. Margot Prow
  9. Lydia Robinson
  10. Amirah Rusydina Rosli (Dina)
  11. Karina Tyma
  12. Sanya Vats

Quote from Coach: “For all athletes to give their best on and off the court, play with passion, respect, and to go out and enjoy this great game”